36er up 68 stairs!

It had been a little over 2 years since successfully hopping up this huge set of 68 stairs on my 36er unicycle. (what was I thinking!?) So now, at 61, I wanted to find out if there was still enough fire left in the old furnace to do it again! Boy was I in for a SHOCK!

Big thanks to steadicam cinematographer Sam Moskowitz & his friend George Irizarri for filming this. Great job guys! Check it out and watch till the end to see them being filmed, filming me!

Heroic riding as always Terry (and great filming too).
Bravo Zulu!

They look like shallow steps; can you ride up them?

Thanks guys. @lightbulbjim: Not as shallow as they might look and steeper than it looks. I’ve managed about 6-8 stairs on a fat tire MUni but you simply run out of momentum. Hopping up those 68 stairs with a heavy 36er is tough; even if it was a smooth walkway with no steps!