36er tyres - which is best?

I rode my Coker for several years with the stock tire and then after trying a NYUC club member’s Coker with the TA tire, I immediately switched to the TA tire because I found it to be significantly smoother. I even wrote a review of the tire that I posted here:

Wheel TA 36-inch Street Tire Review

I believe I was probably a bit hasty in writing that review and probably should have waited until I had logged more time on the TA tire, however, because now - after riding the TA tire for quite a while - I realize that I definitely prefer the Coker tire.

The two main reasons I don’t like the TA tire (for my particular style of riding) are:

  1. It has worse traction on wet roads
  2. It sometimes feels unstable to me when making very aggressive, banked turns

If you ride somewhat cautiously in the rain (like most normal people would), the TA tire is probably ok on wet pavement… and if you make standard turns (not really leaned over), the TA tire is fine and you may prefer it over the Coker tire because of the smoothness of the ride.

I think the problem with the TA tire in aggressively banked turns is the profile of the tire. The TA tire has ridges (for lack of a better term) on both sides of the tire and I think that probably accounts for the unstable feeling I get when I abruptly put the Coker into a heavily leaned turn…. it’s almost like a squishy feeling – which I never got on the Coker tire. I’m definitely going to sacrifice the smoother ride of the TA tire and switch back to my trusty Coker tire :D.

The differences you noticed between the TA and the Coker tire could be due to differences in rubber compound used and not differences due to the tread pattern. I don’t think the TA is using the same type of rubber as the Coker tire. The Coker tire may have rubber that is softer and more sticky. Given that the two tires wear differently I suspect that they are using a different rubber compound with different riding properties.

does tubeless work on trials uniis?

Yup - did it just before the Rotorua to Taupo 100km. I honestly can’t feel any difference in how my coker rides now that it is tubeless. What difference can you feel Gizmo?

knobbytracks - yes Stans do make a 36" rim strip by special request. However it is also possible to split a 28", or better, a 29" inner tube and use that as the rim tape. This is what my bike mechanic used as he couldn’t get a 36" rim tape at short notice.

Nope. First time your tire folds over goo will fly all over you and everything within 10 feet.

It seems to hum along when riding (you need to listen to your tyre more- the resonance is definitely a higher pitch); and has a nice springy feel to it, whereas the tubed coker has a woodier feel especially off-road. Are you comparing the Tubeless to a 29’er tubed Coker or a 36"tubed Coker?

lol, I’ve never ridden a coker, but I’m guessing that people keep the tires at fairly high psi?

You can keep the pressure really low off-road because there is no risk of pinch flatting

is it possible to hop on a coker? I’ve never seen it done.

It’s quite possible but not very practical. If it’s low enough that you could hop on it it’s probably also low enough to be able to ride over it.

ahhh, well I guess there not really made for hopping on:) I really need to find out if I fit on one.

I have been on two 10+ mile Coker rides since putting the TA tire on. So far I like the TA tire. No complaints.

Don’t consider this a review of the TA tire vs. the Coker tire. This isn’t a fair comparison. I’m comparing an old Coker tire, that has worn down button knobs down the center of the tire, to a new TA tire. The differences I noticed could be due to worn (and thus more flexy) sidewalls on the old Coker tire, softer and more flexy tread down the middle of the tire due to wear, or many other causes due to wear.


I didn’t have any problems on the buff wide singletrack I ride. I didn’t expect any problems either. The trail tread is such that you could ride it on a MTB with slick or nearly slick tires and not have any problems. The TA tire did fine going over roots, climbing short grunt hills, and generally cruising along the trails.

The difference that I did notice with the TA tire is that it behaved well on crowned roads (paved roads). My worn Coker tire would fight me on those same crowned roads. The TA tire rode along as if the road crown was barely even there. Nice! I don’t know if this is because the TA tire is new and the sidewalls are stiffer. Maybe I got lucky and hit the magic PSI when inflating the TA tire. Anyways, I’m very happy with the way the new TA tire handles crowned roads and off-camber corners.

It would be interesting to try a new Coker tire against a new TA tire to get a more accurate comparison. Especially with the difference I noticed in how the TA tire handles road crown.

I have the TA tire on an Airfoil rim with a Schwalbe 29er tube. This also means I no longer have any Coker parts on my Coker unicycle. However, I still call it JC Coker.

Concerning road crown, when riding road crown on my TA I have never noticed road crown. Ever. I barely even notice when roads are banked, and this has stayed consistent throughout widely varying air pressures.

It’s certainly a wonderful change of pace from riding my 29" Big Apple.