36er towed away-footage!

My beloved 36er towed away, in the aftermath of my run it with that fiendish “Uni cop”! :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, it was set to private but it’s now public. :smiley:

How many beers did you have to buy the tow truck driver for taking that time out of his busy day? :roll_eyes:

None lol. I got lucky with the very first tow truck I saw while driving and only like 1/4 mile from my house lol! They were very agreeable to play along haha. :smiley:

Busy are we?:smiley:

Im presuming terry has had a rather small amount of free time appear in his schedule… and has squeezed more comedy in to it! Apparantly random people also like to be on camera too lol!

nice one terry.

Would have been funnier if you’d arranged it so the wheel was rolling behind the truck.

Right you are sir lol! It took all of 10 minutes to park, get them to do it and be on my way!:smiley:

haha I had thought about that but it wasn’t doable in the limited time frame. It would have required a rigid setup to keep the uni frame and wheel from leaning/wobbling. I might have tried to lash the saddle to the towing thingies, but I didn’t have anything to do it and the guys were apparently about to leave since they were on their lunch break lol. It was basically just to show the joke of having to “lift” a unicycle onto a tow truck in order to take it away, lol. But yeah, it would have been funny to see the tow truck driving down the street at a good clip, pulling the uni behind it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Excuses tut tut tut :roll_eyes:

just not acceptable!

Ok I’ll go film it again later haha! I just hope my 36er doesn’t fall off the back and get run over by oncoming traffic! :smiley:

good good terry lol.
On the plus side, if it did get run over the sequel would be interesting… suing the moron who crushed it :smiley:

while you do that I’m off to sleep, I’m bloody shattered!

Couldn’t keep up on the payments, huh?

It’s on the “installment plan”…like this video series lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

u should have had the piano guy riding a unicycle while playing the piano

I’d just like to note that the HD video made my caveman computer cease to function even before I was able to click “watch in normal quality.”:frowning:

HD videos take away one of my favorite youtube features: My computer can play the videos without any issues.

EDIT: What I ended up doing was: copy the link location then open up a new tab, paste the link in the address bar, and backspace the “&fmt=22” part before pressing enter.

Haha he can’t ride a uni…yet!

Sorry about that. But now that YT has HD I really don’t want to go back to the old crappy quality haha. The HD is so amazingly better it’s really like night & day! And I don’t even have a real HD camera yet. It’s just that my canon DV camcorder can film in 16:9 mode, then I can save the video in 720 hd. So I’m looking forward to getting a real HD camcorder to see even better quality! :slight_smile: