36er Titan (full setup)

I’m going to sell my (second) Titan.

I bought it this spring and set it up with a Nimbus Shadow Handle, aero bars, and a KH Street saddle. It’s also tubeless.

It has 125mm Venture cranks on it, and I went through and retensioned the wheel (so it’s better than stock).

I’ll get some pictures up momentarily.

With the full handle bar and all that, I’m asking $500, local pickup preferred but I’ll ship if I have to (at additional cost).





Help me fund a new project.

For the price of a new titan (which this basically is) you get a full handle bar setup, tubeless, and brake.

Isis cranks/hub?

Are those isis components? Jw

No they are square taper. My buddy rides a square taper titan for muni though and has never had an issue.

Here’s maybe a better picture too.


Sounds like a cool guy :wink:

Yeah he’s pretty schwanky.


would you be willing to do $400? buyer (me) to cover shipping…

Sent you a PM.

Sale pending.