36er Tire Pressure?

So, I have a UDC Titan with a Nimbus Nightrider tire. I’m a big guy at about 230 lbs. The tire is rated 40-65 pounds. I’m riding it on the street. I started with the tire pressure at about 45 pounds and have taken it up to 50 pounds of pressure. I’m wondering what kind of pressure folks generally use in a 36er tire on the street. I guess I’m curious about what folks who muni on a 36 think is a good pressure for that as well. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

I have always used 32psi in my 36er tires, no matter what tire I’ve used. I’m roughly ranked 3rd in the world for long distance racing.


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I kept the Nightrider at 25-30 psi for mixed surface riding. I would go down to 20 psi if headed to the trail and up to 40 psi for pure paved rides.

I use 40psi in all my unicycles.

Having recently got my first 36er, a quax, I’ve been running that at 40psi. It’s got the TA tyre which states 32 psi max, but, to now, no issues with it at 40psi.

I use 30 psi in the night rider tyre.I feel that lower tyre pressure provides better traction ie better adhesive friction which stops the wheel from running out from under me. I find the lower pressure also reduces side to side oscillation of the wheel providing a lot more stability. I also think a softer tyre will conform better to road cambre.

Take it easy!!

I’m currently using 55lbs with a nightrider tyre. I used to use around 35lbs, great for strait line riding but cornering was pants.

Overcoming the inertia of the 36er wheel, especially on mount, seems easier when I max out the Nightrider psi. For my smaller wheels, I kept the pressure low to counter twitchiness–not a problem with the giant 36.

Why ride on the streets when you ride muni :wink:

20psi tubeless is all you need, for muni.

So is any running a 36er tubeless for road at high pressures?

I’m curious if the blow out risk is reduced. I haven’t had a blow out at speed, but I have flatted on trails and had the muni squirt out from under me, can be very disconcerting and bruising to the shins!

Hope it’s not too much of a sidebar, but how do you like your Titan? I’m curious…

If it’s too far off topic, just ignore me. :smiley:


I am writting this with my phone and I can’t figure out how to get the link to the other thread, but I posted a thread about a week ago withe the title “first weekend with a 36” where I wrote up my impressions of the Titan. I like it. But I don’t have anything to compare with.

Nightrider sluggishness and tire pressure

When I first got my 36" Nightrider, I was having a really hard time pedaling uphill on a paved road here in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. If I had an UPD, there was no way to get back on it, and I was beginning to think I would never have the strength to go uphill.

Had a Eureka moment, and raised the tire pressure to just over 45 p.s.i. and it made an incredible difference. All of a sudden the uni was a different creature altogether. I could take those hills without trouble at all. The drag on a wheel that big with low pressure is pretty significant.

The obvious question being, what pressures do #1 and #2 ride? :D:D

Give it a try at 60 to 65 psi. I weigh about 175 lbs and notice a huge difference between 45 and 60 psi. At the higher pressure it rolls much freer, is easier to make sharp turns and camber has less effect on the tire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MPSdfdA1mU


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I run 58psi in my Nightrider Lite tire and ride at least 50 miles a week on the road.

Martin Charrier (France) is currently #1, and maybe was in 2013 as well? I don’t know about him, but in general I find the fast riders like a lot of air. Naturally it’s less friction, and it may also make the uni easier to handle.

I should try that. I don’t think I’ve ever gone over 45 or so, but always feel the tire is too sensitive to camber when I’m going fast(ish; I don’t go that fast).

I will generally let a little air out for dirt riding, but as always, the general rule is to keep your rim off the ground. The chunkier the trail, the more air you have to keep in there.

I used to always run at 60 PSI but lately I’ve been going for 50. It seems to improve comfort on bumpy roads and handling on dirt roads. It’s entirely possible that it’s just in my head though.

It’s often a bit lower than 50 PSI in practice since I have a Foss tube and I’m lazy about pumping it up. At most I pump it up every 3-4 weeks. The lowest pressure I’ve seen is about 40 PSI.

I do carry a mini pump but reserve it for emergencies (haven’t had to use it yet), because again, I’m lazy :roll_eyes: .

Excellent video, Jim. I pumped up my Nighthawk tire psi to 60 this morning and whipped around a hilly 3.5m asphalt road faster than ever before. Big difference on camber, too, which on my road, keeps changing angles every 1/4 mile!

I also ride all my unis with the same pressure of between 30 and 35. For the 36" Night Rider Pro I noticed that it becomes very difficult to mount when the tire is too soft and also riding with too little air is not nice. This Saturday I rode the 29" with only 20psi which was too heavy for my liking. I don’t do any technical rough service rides, so don’t need it.

As for maxing out the pressure, I am always afraid I’d blow out the tire. Though on the tire for the 36", it does recommend 35-60 or 65 psi and then I’m on the low side. I suppose a hard tire will bounce more as well.

Something to bear in mind now is that different Nightrider tyres handle differently at different pressures.

The new “lite” tyre (which looks almost identical) requires a higher pressure in my experience due to the weaker sidewalls.

I also find the older tyre better offroad for that reason, you can run a lower pressure without the sidewalls starting to fold.

I used to run 25-30PSI on the old tyre but I run 35PSI on the new one (I weigh 60KG, around 132lbs). The roads aren’t smooth enough around here (and I ride on too many bridleways) to go any higher.