36er: "Table Top Hop"

Nice, the bail is funny.

Haha, thanks. Since the wheel’s diameter is 36", and my inseam is only like 32", it’s not always easy to jump free of my 36er without nutting myself, if I’m off balance and about to fall. I can easily stand on the ground, with my trials or MUni wheel directly under me, with lots of space between my crotch and the top of the wheel. Not so with the 36er. This can be a problem in trying “coker-spins” or other tricks; If you miss, you might be singing falsetto for a while! :stuck_out_tongue:

So bailing off to the side is sometimes my only option to break free of the uni. I was lucky that even though those benches are made of concrete, I seemed to have rolled over them pretty “softly”, and I didn’t feel any pain during/after it. :o

I thought that my friend idling and roll back mounting on a 36 was amazing and now ive seen you hop onto a picnic table on your 36 I have to say its AMAZING!!! There isnt a word cool enough for it or for you! AMAZING!!! (shaking head in disbelief)

Sweet! Coker trials…:slight_smile:

Thank you very much for such a nice comment! :smiley:

Yeah it’d be cool to see more people doing it. What would really be awesome would be seeing someone do a crank flip, or a 3 spin, or some rolling leg wraps haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

Watched again … still blows me away.

The wheaties I had for breakfast must’ve helped! :stuck_out_tongue: