36er: "Table Top Hop"

Hi all,

Not too long ago, I could barely do this on my kh trials uni, and it’s even harder on my 24" MUni. So today, being my crazy self, I thought I’d try it on my 36er! There’s also a UCC clip, and the whole viddy is only about 1 min long.

(Watch my first 36er bench jump-up attempt result, right after the credits, L :astonished: L!)

Always appreciate your comments. :slight_smile:

how do you not break that wheel?

nice fall btw lol :smiley:

I’ve done bigger drops than that to a hard surface, but I try to always roll out, which really helps a lot to distribute the impact, and I also have the psi just right. Worst that’s happened was a pair of bent cranks. It may also help that I only weigh about 140 lbs.

And like a split second before I hit the ground, I somehow simultaneously take some of my weight off the pedals. Kinda like that old saying that if you jump up at the last minute if you’re in a falling elevator, that you will survive! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Don’t try this with the older, single walled steel rim!!! It will taco for sure! :astonished:

nice… looks like your feet were about even with the bench. does that make it any easier? probably not because the tire still has to travel the same distance… did i just answer my own question? :thinking:

Yeah, with the 36er I have the other big half of the wheel below my feet, and have to get that up to rubber, or about 18", plus a couple more to clear it clean. With my trials, it would be a mere 9.5". Plus this 36er is waaaaay heavier than a kh trials and much more cumbersome and sluggish to respond, so it was indeed a challenge! But a fun challenge, even with the fall, lol. :smiley:

Your crazy. Do you think that other people will start riding trials on their 36ers? :smiley:

Haha, idk, maybe. I’ve had ppl tell me, “cokers aren’t made for that stuff!”. And I say, but I am, haha, plus, I guess I just like breaking the rules! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve actually made several “coker trials” and 36er MUni videos. And hopping the 36er up 59 stairs! And my first “coker drop”. So this one was just a quickie and the first time I made it up a picnic table on one!

Thank you, great vid as always.

I don’t think that this theory is true. The deceleration experienced upon hitting the ground results in a force which increases until reaching a peak and then quickly dissipates. If the wheel is rolling then the location of the force, as it increases, will travel along the rim but the peak force will still be exerted just as strongly to some point along the rim.

Thank you, I appreciate that! :slight_smile:

So, you’re basically saying-and correct me if I’m misreading you-that if you do, say, a 6 foot drop straight down to dead flat, that would be no worse than if you do a 6 foot drop with a roll out, such as a sloped landing on a trail? And that your uni would be no more likely to sustain rim, hub, or other damage, doing the 6 foot drop to dead flat, than a rolling drop, or rolling hop, or even a static forward hop with a roll out landing, at the same 6 foot height? :thinking:

I think there is a difference, if you don’t roll out all the force is on one point of the rim/wheel. If you roll it out, the same amount of force is spread over x inches of the wheel.

There will be one point in both scenarios where the maximum force will be, in the roll out scenario it will not be the same point where you initially landed. I think it would definitely make a difference. Also I’m sure some of the force is converted into forward momemtum.

Makes sense to me. I also remember the great KH saying, “never drop to flat”. I also feel MUCH less “shock” when rolling out of drops, then when I used to do them to flat-a long time back, haha. Plus, rolling out also looks better and keeps the “flow” going. :smiley:

I do not know how you do it … amazing!

This stuff! :smiley:

Flax Seed.JPG

I’m sorry, I was not specific enough. I was referring to the type of drop illustrated in this video. The drop from the picnic table appeared to have a flat landing, hence I’m saying that a straight down drop or a rolling drop are no difference in this case of a landing to flat. So rolling out of that drop would not explain how you could do a drop like that without damage to the wheel.

In the case of sloped landing things are as you originally stated.

I’ve been working on doing that on my 24" muni for the past 2 months. . .

You sir, are awesome. You even fall cool.

Well, it was a rolling drop I did there–even though the drop surface is flat–but as you could see, it was definitely not a straight down drop at all. (As in a static drop straight down, with no roll out, which is a no-no, especially without at least a 90 twist to forward.) I was pedaling through the drop and continued on after the drop.

The wheel is always in forward motion all the way through. This is probably the main reason why my 36er (over three years old now and all original hub, wheel,) has lasted so long with virtually no damage, even doing much bigger drops.:slight_smile:

Haha, thanks! Funny thing it’s still hard for me to jump up onto benches with my MUni. :o

I’ve ridden a coker for a few feet once. For all of the trials I’ve done, I can’t even imagine attempting that on a coker. Well done!

I used to roll-out SI, and drop flat SIF, and I used to land drops SIF far more than SI. Since then, I can SIF ride as good as SI, so I roll out, unless it’s a situation that wouldn’t call for one (like a drop-gap onto a narrow object).

Whatever a roll-out does or doesn’t do to a unicycle, it makes the body feel so much better!

Thanks. I agree that the roll out feels a lot better and is easier you you and the uni!. :smiley: