36er speed run

Just got back from the 1/4 mile track at the local HS to see how fast I could go on the straight section of the track…while holding my camcorder and wearing my gps watch! I did two runs, and both were pretty fast considering I was filming while riding, and no…this time no fisheye, lol.

I also used a static camcorder on tripod to capture the finishing passes. I should have a vid up soon in the video section. :smiley:

max speed?

Go here to see!:smiley:

Oh, piling on of superlatives. Go Terry! What a feat. I hope it meets your projected quota of youtube hits, but if not, I think you just need to learn from the SNL skit about Don’t Fear the Reaper. Those videos need More Cowbell! Your videos need More Peacesign!

Beach Babes! Beach Babes! Beach Babes!

Some fast riding there Terry, my top is 10mph hands free. Now lets see some fast times with those beach babes you teased us about at the end there.

Also… enjoyed the remote control bit! :slight_smile:

Beach Babes!

Terry, that’s perfectly flat, 114’s are for hills my man.

good job. Glad you didn’t drop the camera cuz youtube would probably have to get you another! Keep the vids coming

I know, but the 42mm cranks I ordered haven’t come in yet! Yeah those 114’s are super long and made for climbing up 45 degree hills! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: ;);):wink:

I’ve been thinking of oredering some 114’s

I’m using 140’s now. It’s flat here, do you guys think I should go with 100’s?

Does anyone know of a place besides UDC that sells them ? They want to charge me 14 $ to ship cranks that cost 18. :frowning:

Yesterday, on a 26 inch wheel with 125mm cranks I briefly hit a 13.6 mph top speed measured by GPS.

26/36 * 17.4 = 12.6.

So that means that on 125s and a smaller wheel I must have achieved a slightly higher peak cadence (not carrying a video camera!). And I’m damn’ sure you’re younger, fitter and more experienced than I am.

I’m not saying this to “cap” what you achieved (my top speed when I had a Coker was only around 15 mph) but to illustrate the point that short cranks are not necessarily the way to go for higher top speed. You can cruise fast on them, but when you really go for it, the lack of control can make you build in a safety margin.

I tried 80s on my 28 for a few days and when I got cocky, it very suddenly ended up in the canal - thankfully without me. There’s a thread somewhere: the Low Budget Poseidon Adventure. I now ride 114s on the 28 and I’m sure it’s faster.

I recall reading in this forum about speeds of over 15 mph being achieved on racing 24s with 125 mm cranks.

So for top speed, you may do better going up a length instead of down a length.

Well done anyway, and I liked the “business” with the bowl of remotes.:smiley:

Haha thanks. Later today I’m going to try to top 20 mph, but not holding the cam! I’ll wear the gps, and set the camcorder on a tripod and get a long shot of me rolling past the camera, hopefully at 20+mph, and not having a UPD! I can’t run that fast lol!:o

Just seen your age under your name - if that’s accurate then you’re not younger than me after all - just wearing better.:o

So you want cranks as long as your rim is wide eh?
Pah. Those are for slightly bumpy terrain. You have to have your pedals built in off-center on your hub.

Oh yeah, that’s right! And with cranks that short I bet somebody could hit 50-60mph easy! But probably only be able to maintain 25-30mph on steep uphills.:p;)

No, these are only for downhills, and could be considered similar to a bc wheel except there would be more control(slight adjustments in wheel speed and side-side speed wobbles more subdued)

What you really need are 20mm cranks and shorter legs.

Or just drive is you’re in that much of a hurry!:stuck_out_tongue: We need to get back to the good old days of 400mm cranks that you can really control…except for that pesky uppercutting of your chin at the top of each rev! :astonished:

No, 200mm on a 12" wheel should be sufficient.

Too short! Ok, so 12 inch = 304.8 millimeter. Make them like 2mm less than the wheel diameter, so you won’t crank strike. :roll_eyes: With that setup, you could easily ride up a vertical wall! :sunglasses:

That’s the old way to ride up the wall. Now-a-days you use 5mm cranks and go so fast that you fly up the wall.