36er Speed Hopping

After a warm-up I try 10 hops in 10 seconds on my KH 36er, with regular stealth rim (not carbon), and regular (heavier) nightrider tire. But since I have to hop down for every hop up, it’s twice as hard! So I only count the UPs doing one per second. You can hear the metronome which is set at 60bpm. I will say that this is a KILLER workout and really requires 100% focus. Cheers!


Nice riding. Which of the various tires/rims/crank lengths do you prefer for 36er muni these days?

Thanks Duff. For 36er MUni I usually run 150mm cranks. I also want the most solid setup which includes the stealth 2 rim and the original nightrider, not the lite version.


It’s good to learn from others. That’s exactly the setup I have right now on my Nightfox and it sounds like there’s no reason to change anything.

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You mean your Nightfox also has a Terry on it?


The missing element! That’s why it can’t make it up steep hills or over rough terrain! I just need to order a Terry or a Cedric.