36er riding with Terry & Augie!

Local MUni and trials rider Augie joined me for a 36er ride this morning, and we had an absolute blast! He came down with his dad Chuck and brother Charlie, and they both hung out at the beach while Augie and I did our ride. He’s a very talented rider, but had never ridden a 36er before today.

He rode my nightfox and took to it immediately, and we did 33 miles - Augie made it look effortless! And if that weren’t enough, after finishing that ride and his dad treating us all to lunch, Augie hopped his trials uni up that same set of 68 stairs that I had done on my 36er, and he also rode DOWN them as well! :smiley:

Terry, this is awesome! I think it’s great that you would take the time to do this. What a talented young man! He made that ride look effortless. And those stairs!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: Well, thanks for sharing. Very inspirational!

Excellent video! Thanks for posting! (I loved how he did the last two stairs in one hop.)

Thanks for the vid Terry…It gives me hope that I’ll actually get my nephew unicycling when he’s a bit older :slight_smile:

I’ll show him this vid when I’m round there next!

hahaha that’s great. but someone obviously forgot to tell that kid about the preliminary 36er learning phase…you know, where you fall down alot and it takes weeks to get good. nice video! :wink:

Hi Terry

Is that a competition number in Augie’s trials spokes?

I saw Augie at Nationals in Minnesota last month, just idling around the gym on his 20" uni. My father’s comment was “He looks more natural riding a unicycle than most people look walking on two feet.” Amazing to hear he’s been riding such a short time.