36er riding handle using KH seatpost adapter?

Has anyone every built a 36er riding handle using the KH seatpost adapter? :


I have a T7, but might want to try something simpler. I like the idea of a single handle that is perpendicular to the seat, like a Wallis Death Grip. Using the post would obviate the requirement for a reinforced saddle base.

Using the rail adapter as a starting point may allow me to build something from “off the shelf” cycle parts without having to weld anything.

Has anyone ever collected pictures of all the different handles that are being used? This would be useful for those wishing to fabricate their own.


I’ve built a handle from that very adapter, but I cut off the post and welded on my custom handle. Not what you wanted to hear.

I can’t think of what you might get off the shelf that’d easily bolt together to
make a handle, but if you’ve a hacksaw… find a post that would slip over the adapter’s stem, then cut a slit into the end of the post, to make it look like the top of a unicycle frame. You could then use a seat clamp to connect the two.

FYI, the post on the adapter is 22.2mm, and I’ve been thinking about doing someting similar, tell me if it works out.

Let’s see some custom handles here. I currently use a regular T7 on my 36er and it’s sort of okay, but far from ideal, I think. I might want to try the coker handle some time.

I have the new Coker handle, but switched to the T7. I had bought it a while ago and just never used it.

The problem with the Coker is the width…my thighs rub the handle when I ride.

The problem with the T7 is the T part in the back…gets in the way during mounts. I may cut the T end off, leaving the part of the handle with the water bottle bosses in case I want to attach something later.

I wish the handles were adjustable. If the front part were T shaped like the back, but with handlebar diameter tubing, I could attach standard bar ends as handles.

A feature of the new Coker handle I like is that it uses standard bar ends as grips. When they get trashed from UPDs, just buy a new set (like $12).

I too would like to see some other handle designs.


Unfortunately, the Coker seat tube is 25.4 mm. Otherwise, this would be a better choice…tom