36er, possibly a Coker or a KH

Looking to get into 36er riding. Send me a Private Message with pics, spec info, and price and I may be inclined to buy :slight_smile:


Got a coker sitting around that never gets ridden anymore? A new home is waiting :slight_smile:

Hey Dane, I may sell my KH 36, still contemplating it. Shipping would be high due to sending it from TN to CA, so figure $50-60 plus sale price.

Mine is the current edition, clear coated frame over silver aluminum, Ti Hub, red nips, red KH Freeride seat, KH T Bar, Magura brake, lots of crank and pedal choices, perfect shape.

Let me know if you don’t find what you’re looking for, I’m not going to sell cheap, but for the right price I’d sell it.


Dang! Sound fast and light!

Hi Ben, thanks for your offer, I’m guessing it would be quite a ways out of my price range however.

I am in the process of buying (hopefully) a used Coker from someone local, but I will be sure to get in touch with you if it doesn’t work out.


Hi Ben,

I’m very interested in your 36’er (if you haven’t already sold it). If you want to contact me directly, try:
johnkstone1234 [at] yahoo.com


I now have 36er, sold but found


And if you ever need to buy from jake here, he’s a cool guy.

Hopefully we’ll be riding together soon. I’m gonna take this 36er out to UCSB next chance I get, should be fun to ride around campus, and down stairs and such.

What a small world hahaha

Yep! And I promise I’m nicer in person :wink:

hahahaha no comment :]