36er pedal options

I’m having trouble trying to figure out which pedals to choose for my 36er as I’m upgrading it at the moment (new wheel, spirits, disk brake). I’m thinking of nukeproof electrons/similar lightweight pedals or some clipless pedals. I only ride on decent roads over long-ish distances on my 36er so no muni etc. Any opinions and experiences as well as recommends would be appreciated.


Nukeproof Neutron Alloy or Alloy/ti if you like lighter
Nukeproof Proton Alloy or Alloy/ti
Nukeproof Electron Composite body very grippy pins
available at chainreaction dot com

Wellgo Mg-1
Wellgo R146 alloy or magnesium
Rock Bros ??
Available on Ebay

I would suggest sealed bearing’s in any pedals you choose. Clipping in im not a fan of the idea on a Uni but if so my opinion is Crank Brothers are best. If you havent tried them before you should, specially if your knees have pre exsisting injuries or natural foot posture is pigeon toed or the other way… which i cant think what is called sorry.

I vote Nukes or the R146’s if you like a smaller style flat for road. Not sure if smaller pedals affect things as you dont have a wide footprint of pressure across the spindle eg. eggbeaters if we take that to the extreme. Maybe someone can touch on this. Hope this helps

Yeah, this sure was helpful as I’m quite a newbie when it comes to pedals and such… After thinking about this more today I’m leaning more towards some nukeproofs since i could just pass those to my trials uni later if I decide to go clipless. I’ve read about these things here and some people (bungeejoe, scotthue) seem to have mainly positive experiences with clipless pedals. I’ve never tried them before though, so I’m kinda interested in experimenting with some relatively cheap ones.

Alloy ti or magnesium ti nukes for your trials rig you wouldn’t really find better stronger or lighter
Clipping in isn’t cheap maybe second hand shimano spd you can find easy enough. Be careful with being clipped in when it comes to having to bail out fast. Keep the setup on the cleats easy to pop out and see how it all goes. Crank bro you can’t adjust how loose they are but over all I find they are great.
Good luck!! Let up know your experiences clipping in

I’ll share my experiences in this thread later on! I know some bikers and might be able to try clipless without too much commitment to actually purchasing them.

I bought this pedals for my 36er. Thay are really light and grippy enough for road purposes. A little bit smaller platform than on MTB flat pedals but it is comfy enough.
Have no idea how long they will be alive but for $23 it is already good :smiley:

Those look extremely nice!! I suppose the size isn’t really that big deal as long as my feet don’t slip off them.

Cheap and light yes.

slippery and poor quality bearings also. would hate to get them wet…

With nukes they can be rebuilt given spindles bearing and pins are available as parts. Spending a little more sometimes is worth the extra initial outlay. my 2c

check out erza plus from vein bmx

We have no wet weather here so it is not an issue for me…

its mud here most of the time :confused: ill trade

These seem to be quite similar to the electrons, gotta read some reviews…

As for weather, we’ve got everything here… It rains regularly, although i pretty much never ride when it’s really wet. Races are a completely different thing though so i guess it’s better to have something that grips no matter what

And mud is no issue, I don’t ride muni on my 36er.

They are super good feel same as deity compounds and electrons

yes climates in different parts of the world i overlooked!!

Pedals i see are to spin, be strong, grip ones shoes (five tens i hope) and ideally be light and fixable.

Im old fashion. Buy good gear, fix it IF it every breaks. Today most things and people live in a throw away society. Fridges computers cheap bikes cheap cars. Fix it, no that cost so much just chuck it and get a new shiny one right.

Most bmx pedals besides very top end expensive ones are throw outs. I have many, used many wasted money on many and eventually bumped my head on one.

One pair of Nukes mearly twice or 3 times the price of any bmx or no name sealed or loose bearing ‘cheap’ pedals will out live your current uni your next one your mtb bike in all its rain snow mud sand and dirt. Your kids bike, your kids Unicycles and then maybe then its so scratched because one likes new and shiny it will be replaced. Not before giving your old worn in Nukes to the kid next door who does trials and dont care what they look like just long as they spin and grippy.

Bmx loose bearing? why, Never lasts long no matter the weather
No name sealed pedals? are they grippy
Is that cheap pedal strong? whos tested is
Will getting a cheaper pedal end up being a waste of time money, give me an awesome scar when it rakes my shin or i slip off and peel my elbow back to a juicey red colour?

Wear good guards if you buy cheap pedals and be prepared to replace pedals more often.

I like your red superlights but loose bearing and almost no grip. wouldnt recommend sorry.

I am riding shimano saints and they are the best for durability and grip

Saints i have heard that too and only about 250g a side.
Looks tough in appearance and build


Mg1s I broke my by clipping it on a rock


Straitline amps. They’re super light, no bearings, very easy to service. Best of all there cnc’d in British Columbia! www.straitlinecomponents.com

Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it! Those Straitlines look quite amazing as well.