36er or BC

I’ve been wondering what I should get, a 36er or a BC wheel…I’ve wanted both equally for a while and can’t really decide what to get. Anyone have more fun on one compared to the other?

Get a 36’er. There more fun in my opinion and you’ll probly use it alot more than a bc wheel. Why not just get both?

Hopefully will get both in the far future but for now I can only really afford one.

Dude, the 36er is a unicycle in a class of its own. Having never tried a BC wheel, I can’t really comment about them.

I would search some threads, maybe watch some Youtube videos and make a decision based on which seems like it would be more fun.

(Failing that, just go for the 36er. Trust me.)

make a bc from an old bike wheel and just buy plates or make them

Is the KH 36er out in the U.S. yet?

They’re out, but I’m not sure if anyone has them…

UDC says they’ll get them Nov. 15. I’m not really familiar with any other U.S.-based unicycle sellers. (I bought mine from Darren Bedford, and I don’t know if he’s sold out or not by now.)

Maybe try the KH dealer page.

I has one:D. You can thank me for ordering the last one of the first shipment.:stuck_out_tongue: It’s a great unicycle and a blast to ride. Also, being an owner of both a bc and 36er, I def. think the 36er is way awesomer and i ride it a lot more than my bc.

Having both I suggest getting the 36er first. Its in a totally different league and a blast to ride. BC wheels are fun too but far less practical and not as immediately fun.

I think its best to get a BC when you begin to bore of unicycling. Its a nice new challenge and a bit of a change from the same old.

I have both a 36" and a BC…and I have been riding the BC much longer than I’ve owned my 36. IMO you should get the 36 first, then get (or make) the BC when you can afford it. I have a Nimbus Titan 36 and love it!! As for the BC wheel, it’s more of a novelty thing if you’re just starting out…or if you’re serious like me, it’s an animal of it’s own. You can’t do much with a BC other than coast, hop, grind, and flatland stuff. I can’t jump or do any tricks other than ride it. I’m strictly a downhill and flatland BC wheel rider…riding for speed and distance. In the long run, you’ll be much more happier getting a 36 before you get a BC.

If you want to go cheap, buy the plates and get the other parts from your bike shop and put it together…which is what I did.

I couldn’t have said it better myself…although I got the BC not because I became bored w/ uni but because I was getting more obsessed with it! :slight_smile:

I’d go with a bc cuz it’s like another sport! Cheaper than a 36er too.

36er. All these people who say that commuting is boring and not challenging and all are wrong! seriously nothing beats overtaking bikers on one wheel just to see the look on there face. BC wheels are fun too, but 36ers just kick ass!

Bc’s are pretty easy to build. I agree that you’ll love a 36er and most likely use it more as well. Bc’s are rediculusly overpriced, and most people never progress past the point where a walmart bmx wheel would suffice. Simple plates can be fabricated out of aluminum angle or c-channel scraps. They will be stronger than ones made with a brake. There are other ways as well, especially w/ access to the right equipment.
Get the 36er, you’ll be glad you did.

I’d get a 36r. You’ll probably use it more in the long shot, epecially because I hear that BC gets boring after a while. It’s more money but I’d still go with the 36r.

If you really want a BC, just wait for a few months until someone’s selling one or the plates.

Not true! I get more and more into BC wheeling every time I ride. I just broke my old BC distance record and set a new one today: 1,590 feet!!!

However, I agree, you’re better off getting a 36 in the long run since you can do more with that than a BC, which is more of a challenge to ride (which is why I find it so exciting!) but for anyone, a BC should be the last kind of unicycle you buy, if you’re a diehardcore unicyclist wanting to master everything! Hey, I coined a new word!!

Just get a mountain bike. It’s the most versatile of them all. You can climb steep hills, you can coast, you can do long tours and people won’t laugh at you anymore.

But seriously, I think you’ll love the 36".

Yeah, a 36er is an amazing thing to ride.