36er, or 29er

Ok so I was going to buy the KH 2007 29er on sale at unicycle.com, but they sold the last one about 2 houres beforre I called=(. So the Nimbus 36ers are still on sale at usd, BUT i couldn’t ride it now and would have to wait (im still too short only about 5 feet). So now I am thinking of buying one and growing into it. Or just wait till my birthday and get a 2008 kh 29er or 24. tell me what you think, and if it is smart to invest in a 36er even though I can’t ride it.Thanks:D

Are you sure you can’t ride it? I’ve heard of people your height riding them.

As you probably already know, go for the 29er of 24er if you’re doing Muni, and the 36er if you want to ride on roads.

ok then mabey i can just squize into one. any feedback on this uni??

kris holm uni = quality, good uni.

as for the nimbus 36er, i’ve never actually ridden one, but i’ve never heard anything negative about it

so I should get one?

Edit: what crak size should i get too? i am thinking kh double hole 110/ 125 this only comes is isis and should i get that? it is more money but stronger?? the uni i have now is cotterless which is better?? thanks