36er offroad 2

I had the energy to go out and get some video riding in the bush at Beecroft in Sydney NW,tried a new camera position for something different.

video here

Interesting angle. Now I see what a hitchhiking insect might see if he could manage to stay on the hub.

Life is all relative to the tiniest creatures you know. :smiley:

That was fun to see!
May I ask what length crank you use for off-road?
Many thanks,

Thanks Shug, I’m using 152mm cranks they are well suited to the trails I ride.

hey dangerdog,
nice vid! i have yet to take my 36er off road too much but i think that will have to change this week. Keep up the good riding. I am still keen to get some tools together and knock up a road machine like your geared 26er at some stage.