36er nimbus titan

i have a nimbus titan that i want to sell or trade. looking for a trials or street unicycle. the uni has 125 mm cranks with well go pedals, kris holm air saddle, 14 gauge spokes and a “touring” handle that i fabbed up myself. its a great unicycle if you want to get into distance riding.

i just fell out of riding distance…

400 obo or trade for a decent trials or street.

email me for pictures and info at. allen.uber@hotmail.com


bump price lowered $ 375 obo

It’d help if you could post some pictures. :wink:

bump with pictures

That is a great looking handle set up. Nicely made.

Hey, I’m interested, but I have a few questions.

1.) Are the cranks nimbus ventures?

2.) Is there a brake setup that can be put on the titan frame?

3.) Can you lower the price if I come pick up?

thanks, i made it with old bike handle bars…

@shermanator94: as far as i know its sold as of now, ill let you know if the buyer falls through… and as for breaks, anything is possible if you have a welder :slight_smile: