36er Nightrider tire on KH rim

Have any of you had issues with fit regarding the nightrider tire and KH 36er rim? I believe my KH 36er is the '07 model, but not sure if there was a newer design after that. The issue I’m having is that the nightrider tire is almost impossible to remove and install with the KH rim. But the same tire goes on with utter ease on my Nightfox which has the nimbus stealth/dominator rim.

Not sure if it’s because of the width difference; the stealth is 42mm vs the KH I have which is 47mm. Seems to me that the KH rim is simply larger in diameter.

I see that all new KH 36ers are now coming with the nimbus rim. I have broken countless tire levers and pinched tubes just trying to get the tire off & on it’s just horrifically tight! I’ve tried spray lubing both rim and tire and even my LBS has wrestled with it for more than 30 minutes to get it on and off!

I would hate to have a flat on a long ride as it would be almost next to impossible to remove. So I guess it’s time to just replace it with the Nimbus rim, unless anyone has any tips & tricks for getting the tire on/off the KH rim.

This is as as far as I can get trying to reinstall it. Every last bit of air is out of tube.


when you say “Stealth” do you mean “Stealth 2”? My nightrider originally came with a stealth, and they were not as deep… made a cool dreamcatcher out of it…

Anyway, my advice would be to have someone get on the other side of the wheel, opposite you, and have them break the bead and push on the tire towards the rim, so that the bead sits in the middle of the rim on the opposite side of where you’re trying to get the rest of the tire on.

Uhhh. . . I can’t put it into words, so here’s a bad paint job

Slowly work the bead over the rim with your thumb, pushing with your thumb and pulling with the other hand (sometimes I actually pull on my thumb for more force in a single spot). This will be easier without gloves.

Also soap the bead if you can.

It’ll go on, I’ve yet to encounter a tire I couldn’t mount without tire levers and just a little ingenuity.

Good luck.

Thanks very much for taking time to do this! Helps a lot. Yes, I meant stealth 2.

Finally got it! Applied more dry lube and after a 30 min break went back to try again and with one remaining lever, got it back on. I was worried that I might have pinched the tube, and the rim strip was caught outside the bead so had to force that back in. Aired it up and seems good with no leaks detected. :smiley:

You’re giving me bad flashbacks with that photo that looks so familiar! The first couple of times I tried it I put two new punctures in for each one that was there to begin with. For me the key is to leave the tire out in 100 degree weather to warm up and use the Pedros to slide along the rim, taking it slow, and going back at it after breaks. I have a tire jack but find that most uni rims are too wide to use it effectively.