36er MUni

I forgot how much FUN it is riding a 36er offroad…and how much more it hurts when you fall! :astonished:

Just finish putting together my Nimbus Impulse tonight. I hope to be half as good as you. Have not ridden it yet but did mount it and sit on it for awhile in my basement adjusting everything. Probably tomorrow or this weekend for sure. Gonna go to a vacant parking lot.

Nice riding unigeezer!

They say size matters… Thanks for making me feel inadequate :slight_smile:

I thought for sure when you hopped up on the wheel that you were going to drop back down onto the pedals and ride away! Maybe next time.

‘kick up’ mount was nice too.

Mr Muni Addict that is a great video, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I’m working on some new 36er tricks, but it’s kinda scary when you’re up that high, and the fear is always there of nutting yourself! :astonished:
Because unlike a trials uni or even a 24 or 26er, there’s no room between your crotch and a 36er wheel!!!, unless you’re maybe 7 feet tall with a 37"+ inseam!

So for the 36er stunts I have in mind, I’m thinking that a cup would be the way to go. I know you can’t ride with one, but for tricks where you’re up off the saddle or sif, I think you could, and it might give me more confidence and more importantly, prevent a really painful accident! :o

I just got a Nimbus Titan a few weeks ago. I have 150 crank arms and a nimbus nightrider wheel. Do you think for muni that I should get longer crank arms or a tire with more tread?

Nice tricks and lizard!!

Congrats on your new 36er! I use 125/150 dual hole cranks and like 150’s for 36er MUni and xc riding as they give me the necessary leverage I need both for climbing and negotiating technical terrain, and also for hops, gaps, jumps, etc. The shorter hole is great for flatter, smoother trails where you can ride faster.