36er MUni w/all time fav comments!

Youtube had muted this video a long time back for the music copyright thing, so I found the raw footage, and also restored my two favorite hiker & biker comments. All footage and comments were from the same ride.

I was beyond lucky to have had my video camera rolling for the first comment, which was one in a million! Right time, right place for sure!
Second comment is at the end, and is hilarious! :p:D:)

(This is my 11,000 post!)

Haha, i liked your “so are you”

Nice, like the coments and replies.

“so are you” :smiley: nicely done, terry! and that guy was a world champion-bicyclist, did I get that right? congrats on 11,000 posts! awesome.

Get em!

“World Chapion Bicyclist” dude was prety awesome as well.

Straight up old man status.