36er maintenance?

within about a week or so i should be getting my new nimbus 36er. this is my first time owning anything larger than a 24" and i was wondering if there is any specific general maintenance that should be done on a regular basis that will help it to last as long as possible. right now with my 20" and 24" the only real maintenance i do is putting air in the tire and occasionally re-greasing the bearings. is that all i’m going to need to do to my 36er as well?

also i was wondering about storage. with my smaller uni’s i pretty much just leave them leaning up against the wall out of the way. is that ok for the 36er as well or will the larger wheel be more prone to warping over time if it’s not stored in a proper way?

sorry to sound like such a newb but i don’t have much experience when it comes to large uni’s.

thanks in advance for the help

Just take care of it exactly like the rest of your unis. I lean mine against a wall all the time, no problems there. Just make sure that everything is tight and you are good to go!