36er maintenance

For those 36er riders that do off road, urban riding, with jumps and sharp turns. How often do you do maintenance such as truing of the wheel?


Whenever I feel an urge to tinker or when my rim starts rubbing on my brake pads.

I feel like I’m always working on my geared 36… but it’s always superficial stuff like bottle cages going out of alignment, or headlight mounts breaking, or rubber end caps falling off.

To tell the truth, I haven’t really worked on my wheel (i.e. trued it, or anything) since before Ride the Lobster… and that was June. I’ve put in maybe 1,500 miles since then on my uni. The wheel is definitely going out of true by now, though; it wobbles almost a half an inch side to side when I spin it. I’ve been meaning to true it up, but haven’t had time. It still rides great, and I have better things to do right now, like write a post about how I never true my wheel. :wink:

In the beginning, when the uni was pretty new, I had a bit of trouble with cranks loosening, but since I’ve tightened them a few times, I haven’t had any trouble for several months. I DID destroy one of my MG-1 pedals; the bearing failed, but that pedal has been loved (i.e. used way too hard) for more than a year now.

Pretty much, I don’t maintain my uni; my work on it is reactionary rather than preventive! (But it seems to be doing way better under such reactionary fixing than our country (U.S.) has been doing these past years… haha) I’ve had it since March, and I’ve trued the wheel maybe 4 times… (I built the wheel to begin with, though, and did what most would probably call a sloppy job, so the truings don’t really count. You’ll have a better build, I imagine.) I’ve tightened my cranks back up… probably 4 times. I’ve broken two T7 handlebars with it, but the T7s are pretty weak things and don’t stand up to much; my dad welds them back together for me and then they keep breaking in different places. :stuck_out_tongue: … I’ve had one flat on my tire… that’s all I can really think of for actual fixes I’ve had to give my beloved uni. Oh yeah, I also broke my Schlumpf hub the first time I tried to backpedal hard with it, but that was a design problem in the hub and once it got fixed, I put it back in and it’s been totally awesome ever since.

So… not much.

OH LOL, CRAP. Most of my riding is not off-road, so I shouldn’t have even responded!!! Oh well, I spent too long typing all this rubbish, so I’ll post anyway. You should get Beau or Nathan to respond to you. Or Terry. Those guys are the off-road Cokerfolk!

I am pretty hard on my stuff, though, for what I do with it. I punish my unicycle plenty, I think. I do do some muni with my Coker, but probably not as much as Beau or Nathan or Terry. Mostly I just ride on roads places, and when I’m on campus, I’ll take it down stairs and up curbs, going “kaTHUD” on the wheel to roll up whatever obstacles I come across.

Bah, I’m talking too much. I will drink juice and go to bed! :slight_smile:

After every ride. Then again, I am on an old steel rim and regular width hub. So my wheel goes out of true easily, the rim is dented quite a bit, and ive gone through 5 pairs of cranks cause they bend so much from wrecking down steep hills.

But yeah, either after the ride if it wasnt to harsh. If it was a harsh ride, the last thing I want to do it work on my uni, so I save it until the day before my next ride.

With the wide Coker hub 125mm bearing spacing (center - center), 100mm flange spacing:
*Never had to true a wheel after wheelbuild

With the narrow hub 100mm bearing spacing (center - center), 71,5mm flange spacing:
*I true the wheel maybe 3-4 times during the summer.

I replace the bearings after every 1000km. Because after ca. 1000km I can feel the wheel not rolling easy (when I am cycling).

I re grease or replace pedal bearings maybe 2-3 times during summer.

I ride mostly light cross-country on my 36er. When I had a steel rim (and super-wide hub) the wheel used to get slightly wonky after a week or so of my commuting (about 100 miles) and need truing up a bit. I could have left it much longer, but I’m a bit anal about wheels being straight and it annoys me if they’re even slightly off true :o

With my new wheel (Stealth Pro rim and normal width hub) I’ve not had to true it at all apart from when I replaced a broken spoke nipple.

Other maintenance is limited to brushing the worst of the mud off (or occasionally wash if I’m feeling particularly keen), greasing pedal bearings every few hundred miles and checking nuts (particularly bearing holders). Nothing compared with a bike.