36er Lite tire review

Also the Vee rubber 36 x 2.35 lightweight tube.

Nice review. I think the main advantage of tubeless is the ride quality. The wheel just seems to roll easier. Punctures are rare as they usually seal themselves up. If not they can be fixed by installing a spare tube.

Blow outs are possible but the only blow out I ever had on a uni was with a tube. It ripped the bead out of the tire and shredded the tube.

“29 on steroids” is a good description. If feels very different. Much more so than I had expected and I was already using a Foss tube.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get used to the difference before it blew off the rim after just 5 km.

Thanks for the review.
what about putting it on the thread opened for this tire and for its reviews ?