36er how much do think its worth ?

please be honest what is a reasonal price my a nimbus night rider 36er second hand , selling because im skint ,

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Don’t know about a reasonable price for the uni, but I do know that £70 for postage is unreasonable - are you sending it by taxi?

I’m assuming you’ve pitched it at that price and added the note for people to contact you to avoid being out of pocket, but if you don’t know how much it will actually cost to pack and ship, how are you going to negotiate?

Why not check with any or all of the easy to use on-line couriers for some guidance and put a realistic shipping charge on the listing?


i did put postage wasnt fixed price in description add bit more on postage /courier

Hi All,

For the past year, my buddy has ridden with me using my 36" Nimbus Nightrider while I ride my other 36". Both have been VERY reliable. He is moving into a place far from me where he now has room to store a uni, and asked to buy the one I’ve let him ride for the past year.

How much should I charge for this?

How old is it? Does it have a square taper or ISIS hub? Does it have the Wheel TA tire, or the Nightrider? What saddle/post? What rim?