36er GoPro w/uni-cable-cam

Had a really fun 25 mile labor day ride today, and decided to bring my ucc along, and try it with my GoPro Hero hd. The hand-held pov is also great with the gopro because of the ultra-wide angle lens, which fits so much into view from such a short distance. (The video thumbnail below was from when the camera was a mere 2" from the wheel!)

I much prefer the hand-held freedom of being able to pan the camera in various directions, giving it flow and variety, versus attaching the camera to a static mount somewhere on the uni. The GoPro is great in this regard.

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If your connection is decent, I highly recommend watching in HD and full screen! Music by Pink Floyd

You keep getting better and better. I like the mellow mood of this one; the riding fits together really well with the music.

SWEEEEEEEEEET! Loved the editing of changing colours, didn’t like the totaly pink screen at @ 2:00 though. This is one of my favourite 36er videos!

I thin I like the video from the Gopro better than the regular video camera you where using. It has a wider lens and it is a heck of a lot lighter, cheaper, and shockproof. I just made my pole mount mount for my camera. I used a monopod and made a cheap L bracket and glued a regular flat mount to it. So it records right side up, (no need to flip the video) and I can snap it right back on my helmet and I don’t have to re-aim it since the bracket never moves. Just waiting for the epoxy to dry so I can try it out.

Thanks. This was the first time that a song was the sole inspiration for one of my videos! Usually, the video comes first, then I try to find a song for it after. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Actually, for some reason that pink clip was a camera glitch and not my doing! it just filmed that was for some unknown reason, so i just decided to leave it in. :o

YEah the gopro for cable cam is great, especially if the trail is narrow and/or you can’t get very far from the camera, and it still fits most everything in. The fisheye effect is also cool when closer up, without any rounded corners, which I like. It keeps the whole image clean from corner to corner.

Groundbreaking footage.

I actually loved the totally pink screen. And in fact, this is by far my favorite 36er video (by far!). I was at the edge of my seat throughout the whole video. I was in pure amazement before each jump mount you did. The slow motion suspense left me with a dropped jaw. I wish you would make vids more often. One a day just isn’t enough!

Ok ok, sarcasim aside. (Sorry I’m just really bored). I do love your cable cam stuff. It has potential anyway.

Haha! You had me going there for a minute and I was thinking this can’t be serious, and then the “one a day” thing made me lmfao! Well played! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha cool. Be cool if Muni events that are single tracks were filmed like this.

Actually I got some pretty cool MUni footage a while back with my ucc. Here’s one with technical MUni (with ucc speed controller) starts about :52


And a compilation:


Cokering on a muni weekend. tsk tsk. I’ll assume thats why the somber music.

60 hz is cool. Since youtube/vimeo are 30 hz, I think its mostly useful for smooth slow motion.
Its still not quiet good enough to depict a bullet passing thru a unicyclist.

Had to laugh when you first showed ‘them’

That gave me a good feelin’ in my heart Terry.
Like the GP wide shots. Like 'em a lot.

I am off on a backpack trip after a BUSY summer of shows …then some MUni and such.
All secure in sector seven,

Thanks Sean. Have a fun trip and POST some clips from your shows when you get a chance…they’re very entertaining! :smiley: