36er for a short guy, possible?

I am 5ft 6in with a 30in inseam. I am wondering if mounting is going to be big problem. Riding a 26in muni now, but this forum has me thinking about road riding and the few longer road rides I have done have been fun.

From looking around this forum and Unicycle.com, I would say that you probably can if you want to.

The Search function does work… maybe give it a go.

That’s my height, but I have short legs even for my height.

I mount fine, but don’t have any adjustment with overstuffed seats.

Heaps of room with a NNC Flatfish saddle though

I just got a 36, it is great. I’m 5’8", my inseam is a little taller than your’s though. With a KH adjustable post and freeride saddle there is no extra room, as Ben said, a non adjustable solid post helps an inch or so, any of the flatter saddles will also help. Frames can also be re-cut if needed.
I highly recommend a 36, it is a lot of fun, you can actually go places w/o joggers and kids on bikes passing you. I can’t wait for the first time I get to pass a bike.

You can make it work, shorter cranks, flatter seat, fixed seat post, worst case scenario a frame shortening.

I love my 36er, it is a very unique ride, possibly the most interesting style of unicycling.

I’m also 5’6", and I have no problems. Shorter people can ride cokers no problem too. I cut about 1" off KH36 frames to make them a little lower too.


9 year old girl on a 36" using 90mm cranks:astonished: :sunglasses:

I’m 5’5" with a 30" inseam. I have a KH36 and a Coker. I only cut the frame to use 165 cranks. I do not like the 165 cranks, so I’m back to 125/150. I did not need to cut the frame for 150s. You should be fine. I can’t imagine riding with 90mm cranks. That girl is impressive.

Steve is 5’ 4". We didn’t have to cut the Titan with 125s. We would need to cut it to run 150s. There is the frame to do so. I believe his center of crank to top of seat measurement is 25.5in, but I can’t remember if that was with the 125s or 150s.

How does she dismount?!

And mount.

The search function is a good source for imformation no doubt, if that is all that you want. If you want fresh ideas or the the opportunity talk to members about problems/experiences, then a new thread is the way to go?

My brother has expressed interest in buying my 26" muni, that has me thinking about a 29 and a 36. Having a muni and a uni seems to be the perfect way to go. I will get the 29 muni first because single track; whether by foot, mtn bike, or muni is my passion, but every video I watch of the 36’s on the road gets me fired up for one.

That is amazing

Next thing… she’ll doing tutorials on freemounting the 36.

Even my wife noticed her knees barely go up and down with those cranks. Really cool.

She’s a cutie all right. Now watching her made me think, could a 230lb person ride with those same cranks or would there be enough leverage? If not, then a lighter person could be shorter and still ride a 36 due to crank length. The more you weigh, the taller the minimum would be. Sound correct?

somone buy me a 36 and some 90s and ill try for ya :wink: