36er first ride in 2 years ish

just been on my first ride in about 2 years on my 36er

inflated my tyre to 50 psi
put my headtorch and rear light on

free mounting was fine downhill but after few miles decided to turn back,
took several attempts to free mount uphill

:)seem to have to unicycle bug again :slight_smile:

i have 152 mm square taper cranks standard ones that came with unicycle
what could i expect if i bought some 140mm ones ?
what does q factor do for riding ?

I’m currently running 140s on my 36r, and they work for me. You’ll probably want to go a little shorter after you ride with them for a few months. That seems to be the way it goes with most people, as I read the comments.
For road riding, I like the cranks straight (little or no Q factor). I find the more Q factor, the more serpentine my track gets. Off-road should improve with higher Q factor, but I don’t find a big difference.

hi thanks going to order some 140mm cranks when unicyle.co uk has them back in stock 17th april
what pressure do you run your tyre at ?

I have a Nightrider that I run between 50 & 55 lbs. Less than that feels “squishy” to me, and harder to pedal, and more than that feels pretty hard. I’d say play around with it to find what feels best for you.

You don’t need to wait for UDC.


And for that price, you can afford to try a few different lengths to find the one you like.

He doesn’t appear to live in the USA so he’s probably not going to want to pay over seas shipping.

Not to hijack this thread, but thank you for that feedback. I bought a 36 second hand a few weeks back but never used it. Today, I pumped it to 55, and after 6km on my 29", I felt like I was ready to try the 36". What a beast! I can definitely relate to the fear mentioned in some threads here… But I can also relate to the “air riding” sensation as it’s so high and floating above the ground. I managed to do a couple of rolling jump free mounts, but it will require some training to hit a 90% success!
That was my first km on it, there’ll be more for sure.

Hi LanceB,

I am using QX 36er with a TA tire.
I was thinking to upgrade to a Nightrider, but I have 2 questions if you could please answer:

1- Would it fit the QU-AX rim?
2- The price of the Nightrider is pretty high - does it justify it or not; I mean what are the advantages in comparison to the TA (except for weight)?


Hi one4all,

The Nightrider I’m using came with the Coker it’s on, so I can’t really make a lot of intelligent comments about the pros and cons of it. I guess one observation I can make is that the uni would have originally come with a Coker tire, and the original owner (munivision on this forum) decided to replace it with the Nightrider. Apparently he thought it was worth the trade. How it compares to the TA is a matter of opinion, and I have read both sides in various threads. Perhaps someone would like to chime in.
I would be surprised if the Nightrider did not fit the Qu-ax rim. (Although I can understand your wishing to avoid unnecessary return shipping, given the distance to your location.) I think if your emailed Benoit at Goudurix (North American Qu-ax dealer) he would do his best to find a definitive answer to your question. He’s very customer-service oriented.

Good luck! LanceB

The TA is a pretty solid road tyre from limited trying and talking to people but it is heavy and the rotational weight of a 36er tyre is very important.

Before committing to a tyre swap, have you considered switching out the inner tube for a foss or a stretched 29er tube. This will save ~300g which is about half what the tyre swap would give.

The good thing about the TA is that like the coker tyres it is a 4 ply. It is less likely to puncture than a nightrider (2 ply) and actually rolls smoother with the slicker tread. They are also apparently good for ~30,000km.

Also if wanting to run at higher pressure is why you want a different tyre, the TA can be run at 40psi at least.

Thanks a lot for your answer LanceB; I’ll try and contact Benoit at Goudurix as you suggested.


Hi davejh,

I ride a tubeless TA for almost a year now (see my adventure on making it happen at: I've decided to go tubeless).
But AFAIK, the max allowed pressure is 32psi - I’m not sure about 40 so much…

From what I understand, it is because coker saw no reason why the tyre ever needed to go over 32psi. While it is not capable of the pressure of a nightrider, the tyre is able to exceed the stated pressure comfortably.
See this thread http://unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54305. Just don’t push it towards 50 unless you want to get experimental…

I usually ride my coker non skid at 40.

davejh, thanks a lot for the tip!
The question is if my tubeless tire would hold up 40psi while taking into account my weight is ~75 kilos (with backpack, etc.)
What do you say? Can I take the risk?
It’s simply that my biggest fear (never came true though) is that my wheel will inflate in the middle of my 10km commute and I won’t be able to pump it back with my hand pump - as only high-pressure air pump such as in gas station can do the trick.

I dont know how the tubeless setup would affect it, but I weigh over 75kg without the bag and haven’t had a problem.

Surely the higher the pressure, the better seated the tyre bead will become (until it is forced off).

Hi @davejh,

I wanted to update that I increased the PSI on my 36er from 32 to 36 - it seemed like a lucky number :slight_smile:

The results were pretty amazing - much much easier static mounts and faster speed.
The only trouble thing that I noticed was that the wheel became more slippery on a smooth surface like ceramics - but that makes sense because now the wheel profile is more sharpen than before so less fraction exists.

Nevertheless, it was a good idea and I’m glad I took the risk!

sounds good, finding the right tyre pressure for a wheel is almost as important as finding the right tyre…