36er - Coker Guide & Mounting Tutorial

Just finished this little "36er guide & mounting tutorial”. I filmed it this morning in a bunch of separate segments, and out of sequence, so I had to literally piece all the clips together like a puzzle…I HATE puzzles, haha.

Hope you enjoy it, even if a lot of you already know most of this stuff lol.

I use the brake to loctate the wheel while I get on… its a bit unconventional but works for me :slight_smile:

Cheater :smiley:

Great video as usual Terry.

Free mounting a 36, is in my opinion the hardest part of riding one of them.

As a shorter person I am not able to static mount the 36, so I need to rely on either the jump or the rolling style mount, both of which can be frightening mounts to learn, and can result in some pretty interesting take offs & crashes until you become proficient using them.

I believe that you supplied a version of all three of these mounts in video form a few years back that gave a bit more detail & some slow motion shots of the mounts. If you still have this video it might not hurt to attach it to this new one for all to see again. (easy for me to say as I don’t have to do the editing work :o)

Thanks again for keeping us informed.

LOL… I freely admit to cheating … but life on 1 wheel can be hard enough, I take all the breaks I can get :slight_smile: … (was that a pun?)

Actually a pretty good one.

Thanks for the comments guys. I have developed a totally new, very unconventional but effective technique for free mounting a 36er. And it doesn’t require a unicycle! Video coming soon. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it as always.