36er Cinema 2.7k!

New video shot with my GoPro Hero3+ but instead of 720p which is what I normally shoot in, this time I shot in 2.7k cinematic mode and I am blown away at the quality and only wish I had been using this mode all along! Try to watch with full screen and highest resolution for the best viewing experience.

Yeah I agree - the increased resolution is a very noticeable quality improvement. I have a Hero 5 and shot everything in 1080 until I got my first 4k TV.

Does YouTube offer videos in any resolution higher than 1080? In the little gear settings icon on the player I see only 144p - 1080p. Nothing higher than 1080.

Yes I also noticed 1080 is the maximum playback resolution.

And this is some schlumpf Muni also shot at 2.7k plus protune mode. And unlike the last video which was published with Movie Maker, which only has a maximum of 1080 export resolution, this one was edited with GoPro Studio which preserved the original Source resolution of 2.7 k. I think you can see the difference especially if you watch at Full Resolution.