36'er and the Ever-So-Evil Shoelace!

Today I impulsively went for a 36’er roll after my work and some practice goofing around on my 20" Nimbus.
Decided to off-road it and had a epic time. Filmed and stopped and made Black Tea on a cool alcohol stove. Ate a Coffee Crunch … life is wonderful!
Got out on the paved trail towards home and was really moving down a fairly long sloping smoothly paved section and I felt my right foot and pedal suddenly becoming one tortured entity.
My shoelace was wrapping around my pedal at the nut where it attached to the crank and winding up like a bobbin. There was time, albeit short time, to react but as I went forward and my foot was one with the pedal/crank/uni I took a real buster!!! Thankfully I was wearing 666 leg armor and arm armor and my Hillbilly gloves with wrist guards 'cause I came down hard on right thigh and knee, left knee, both wrists and right elbow. It bled even through the arm armor. Thigh hurts the worst now but I am Okee-Doke. Years of being a Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Baily Circus Clown really taught me to fall well … even at the ripe age of 51…
Be ever vigilant and ride like your pant are ablaze.
Shug of the Scabs

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Dang Shug that sounds scary! Yeah I always tuck my laces very securely before I ride, whether it be MUni, cokering, whatever. Good think you were protected, and if you hadn’t been it could’ve been really bad! Good news that you’re ok, save a little blood. :o

Only one thing to say…

“In Stock Now” …that’s THREE things, lol.:stuck_out_tongue: Hey Sean, did you get the fall on video?

Only one example of the descriptive language peppered throughout your post. :smiley: Thanks for the entertaining read. Glad you are ok!

My main riding shoes have no loose laces - go velcro! I got scared once when learning to ride on the 20" with long shoelaces, luckily the speed was low and the fall very short so I wasn’t hurt.

You’re 51 years old and only now you’re learning this lesson?

T’were scary! Bless protection…

I need manlier stylings…

No … Naw … dang it! I was riding and just did not see it coming.

Thanks …not quite sure what you mean but I ain’t smart … as you can see by my actions.:smiley:

Velcro … velcro…

slow learner me am…

Circus clown?

Hey,Shug you probably know my sister. She started as a clown after '78 graduation from C.C. in Fla.

Do Tell …I was CC class of '79!
Amazing Minute Planet…

I’ll Tell

I believe she went by the name K K K katie?

Add on

Also moved on to “The Flying Robin’s” Trapeze act

Ah yes, always best to avoid getting your laces tangled, especially at speed. Here’s what happened to our friend Scott last year. Gravel trail, 36-er at speed, no time to react.

scott faceplant small.jpg

I have been there and done that twice except I was on a 20-inch. The first time I crashed in the street during a parade. The second time the shoelace broke so I did not fall.

Maybe I can get rich selling break-away shoelaces to unicyclists.

It is really scary. Glad you are okay.



And after you’ve done it a few times, you know what it feels like before/while it’s happening, and if you’re going along at a good clip, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Well, maybe curl up and aim for soft grass. :roll_eyes:

There was one time where I caught the lace wrapping early enough that I stopped, rode backwards, and hopped off. . .but it was only once.

H-m-m-m-m- gonna have to throw a lifeline. Need a name. You cam PM me if desired.

Oh Gaaaah … I can feel that through the screen, I feel lucky that I am just hobblin’ like an old, frail man…

Thanks for the sentiment. Yeah, KH Titanium Shoelaces!!

I hope to never feel that coming again. I had another good fall on it in the woods … that one is on tape. A good run out to the knees then a big ol’ roll.

Lifeline thrown!

Ok SHUG heal awhile and look this over. She is (Katie) in the middle. This is a bad scan of her graduation photo through glass. She rode uni on wire, was about level 4 at the time. Jugled and pitched on uni also. Good luck I hope you remember her.

this problem is why we ran a group test on alternative shoe laces in issue 9…

Seriously? :astonished: I’d like to know more about that. Does that stand for Ku Klux Klown? Did she paint a big red grin and thick eyebrows on to her Klan hood?

I recognize Earl Chaney next to her. Maybe I just do not know her… I was in another world at the time!