I’m trying to learn how to do a 360 hop twist, but I just can’t do it. I’ve read stuff on unicycletips.com and searched the forums, but I just can’t do it. I’m good at 180s, but can’t go farther than that. any advice?

I had troubles doing 360s too.

I could do 180s to my left and right, but cause I am right footed and handed I always thought turning to the right would be easier for me when doing the 360, but I tried they 360 to the left and I got it, it felt kinda different doing them to my left, but it worked way better than my right.

Other than that, just keep practicing, 180s you can do by just using your legs and hips, the 360 you gotta put your whole body into it.

I’ll try to my left then. Thanks.

I just tried and the best I got was 270. I think I just need to practise now. doing it blind made a noticable difference. it felt liek my body was spinning with it alot more than before. thanks,


im like that too. i can spin way further when i go to the left for some reason. though the first time i tried a 360 i absolutly snapped myself.

well if you can get 270 then you could get 360 quite easy with more practise, its only 90 more degrees to turn.

in some videos I’ve seen, it seems like people really yank th ehandle to the side. should I do that?