360s on wheel...

Just a small clip. Thought I’d post it up for the hell of it.

Might have another vid out soon. My friend wants a new project so he wants to film and edit it. Should be interesting having a non unicyclist edit and everything.

Nice i never see that before!!
And does you have now a sponsor?

Jan H

Yeah I’ve never seen it before either. Thats why I posted it.

And no… not yet…

Nice. I’ve seen it. Jeff (skate4flip) does it.

Cool. Link?

Man, where has he been? He just stopped coming on the forums after Naucc last year.

Edit: I’m searching his gallery, He has a lot of stuff there.

Yeah I actualy totally forgot about him. When he was on the forums I wasn’t much of a unicyclist and didnt know anyone anyway.

towards the end

Lol I can’t watch unicyclist videos on this computer.

Your sentence building is a bit weird sometimes :roll_eyes:

On topic, I’f seen a couple of flatlanders do that trick before.
But nice work.

Peter M

I’ve seen it before but it’s still cool :wink: Now I wanna see a 360 twist on the wheel :smiley:

Cool :smiley:
I liked it!

Now you need to do a Monkey KIck 360 :roll_eyes: hehe

And you found a sponsor? You really deserves one!

Good Luck…!

you should first look in this topic!

Wouldn’t that be easier than a regular 360 unispin, since the way you did it doesn’t require you to jump as high and throw your feet out to clear the wheel? But then again, hopping on the wheel is harder than hopping on the pedals or cranks.

it seems like you have to get your legs out of the way to let the seat spin and it is hard to bounce on the tire (for me) It looks nice and now I am going to have to learn to do it. It’s gunna hurt so thanks for the idea…
I like the video.

It is harder because of the hand position.

It might be a fun idea to reposition the seat 90 degrees so you can have like it would be for a normal unispin, at least 'till you get used to it, then try it with the seat put back in the standard position.

Daiki also did this in his unicon freestyle performance.

nice 360 on the wheel… i’m still learning 360 on the pedals and i just learned unispin 180 :slight_smile: does anyone have idea how to learn it quckly? well i know i have to train :smiley:

Thats how you break another frame chris… haha.

nice though.