360 with right foot and right arm in front jumping

to what side should i do the spin

i can do 180 the same on boht sides but 360 just won’t came out

more questions
later :o)

i dont think i understand the move your refering too…do you have a pic or a vid of you doing the 180 move?

i will get the movie in few days

doing 360 from rolling hop with right foot and arm in front

oooooooooo…i misunderstood i thought you meant like your right arm and leg out in front like a kick. well i hop the same way and for me its easiest to spin to the left but thats just me…maybe it will work for you too.

can you link me to a movie of yours doing 360 rolling hop

i cant do it rolling hop but if you can do it static then you should be able to do it rolling…that and my camera is busted:(

lol i can do 270 static :slight_smile: but rolling just won’t go

i can do 270 static in 2 ways too

well then my guess is that its gonna be a matter of practice and preference…keep working on it.