360 varials?

Who can do 360 varials? I’ve never seen them before, but it lists it on the street wiki. Can anyone do them?

This is where the rider must start the trick with the seat-in (sitting on the seat) and then simultaneously do a 180unispin and a 360 degree jump twist.”

I’ve tried them, but obviously they are very hard.(impossible)

I have done the opposite of that but to me it almost sounds like it is something else that is missing punctuation or poorly worded. I don’t know I may be wrong, either way it sounds hard and impressive.

I think its doable, I will try once my foot is functioning again.

Waa waa waa, your foots fine.

I was able to do them before I hit crankflips, after I hit crankflips I lost varials, now ever once and awhile with some practice they go down with a flip in them. (360 varialflip)

You’re insane.

I learnt to do these today, I have to fudge the landing a bit but they are smooth and consistant.

thats cool, do you have it on film?

Don’t have a camera anymore. There’s a meet on the 29th and my friend should have his camera.

Ok cool, I kinda wonder what it would even look like.

Me too.

I can do a 360 varial while standing next to the unicycle.

Very tricky trick for sure. Not impossible, very very hard to go all the way around, i’ld give it to you wiht alittle give and take as long as it was smooth. But whatever. It’s a hott trick.

-Shaun Johanneson

put it in your video
thats so insane

Wow, I’ve only tried that trick like 3 times, I should work on it sometime… It seems like fudging the landing and not spinning full 360 would be inevitable, really hard to land perfect all the way around. I’d love to see that…

So is there comeing a clip or a film whit it sone?