360 Unispins !!!!!!

Yes. Yesterday forrest and I got together to ride. I finally landed my 360 unispin. I should have a video up soon. YAY!

wow! how long were you stuck in the air for?

I landed my first 360 unispin yesterday as well I managed 2 in only a short space of time I was so happy I was hoping to go out and land some more today but have been to busy with school work :frowning:

anyway well done, how long have you been learning and how long have you been riding?

I feel mine coming reallllllll soon. I was so close to landing it today…but I didn’t want to really stick to it because I had no witnesses lol. I promise you guys one by the end of this week hopefully.

Thanks, good job to you to.!! I have had a 180 unispin down for a while (3 or four weeks) and i started working on a 360 half heartedly about a two weeks ago because i was working on other things like wheel walking. Yesturday was really the first time i really worked on it. I have been riding unicycles for a long time but i just started street and trail riding sence about new years.


:astonished: :smiley:

Good for you

I’m also very close to getting them. I think if a just praticed for a day or 2 I would get them but I just can’t seem to be motivated enough to do it. Whenever I try to practice, I get side tracked trying something else.

Anyone else who is close to getting them want to race me? It would be good motivation

I’m game.

Anyone else in?

We should do a camera-proof competition.

I like the way you think my friend. :smiley: :smiley:

Im in :D…:frowning:
but I cant cause I just learned them a month ago…

Fine, count me in.

My camera is pretty shit, but it will be motivation. I’ve never tried competing like this before, so why not have a go.
For the sake of information post about yourself.
How long you’ve been riding: 10 months
How long ago you’ve got 180 unispins: less than 2 weeks
What you’ll be practicing on: 24" trials qu-ax
Your favourite ice-cream flavour: strawberry

How long you’ve been riding: 7 months
How long ago you’ve got 180 unispins: 2 Months
What you’ll be practicing on: 20" Qu-ax trials
Your favourite ice-cream flavour: Mint Chocolate Chip

Ok so It’s on, first one with a video up wins!

I Win :smiley: P.S. Don’t be mad It’s just a joke and if I offend anyone I apologize.

I’m in too
How long you’ve been riding: 4 years
How long ago you’ve got 180 unispins: last fall
What you’ll be practicing on: 20" Qu-ax trials and/or Nimbus X

I guess i’m in to.

Age: 16
When I started Riding: September 2005
Landed first unispin: Wendsday the 31st of January
What You’ll be practicing on: 19" Nimbus Hoppley
Favorite Ice cream: Cookies and Cream

Age: 19
When I started Riding: 8 months ago
Landed first unispin: About 3 months ago
What You’ll be practicing on: 20" Qu-ax trials
Favorite Ice cream: Cookie Dough

Damn thats flipping harder than I though, I got so mad at myself I broke my helmet :frowning:

Haha yea. I’m afraid I’m going to lose because I don’t have time to go out and try. If I can, I’ll go out and try with my camera after Chemistry (2:45 - Eastern, USA).

Maybe, in addition to the competition, all those who submit a video of them successfully landing their first 360 unispin are entered into some sort of club. There could be like a copyrighted symbol in our signatures or something. Haha…just a thought. Because all those who lose, will no longer have any motivation to continue trying really hard. But again, just throwing that out on the table.

How about this: )–360–O The Unispin Elite

DISCLAIMOR: This symbol may only be entered into one’s signature after one has successfully landed a 360 unispin. The unispin must be camera documented and reviewed by the Unicyclist Community prior to displaying the symbol of the elite.

…and that’s pretty funny :slight_smile: