360 Unispins!

Can anyone help me how to learn to 360 unispin? I can land 180 unispins 98% of the time and i still cant land a 360 no matter how hard i try. I am not afraid of knackering myself(well thats what i tell myself) and i keep landing on the ground. If people can post movies of them 360 unispinning where there hands actually are and if u land seat in or out and all that. Thanks

iam not very good on 360 yet.
but i think i can land one per day.

There you go

–> http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_itemId=283979

…hope it works. And hopefully you find it helpful too. :slight_smile:

Well your one eero-poika helped a little. I couldnt really see ur hand positioning and i think you spin the opposite direction to me. Thanks anyway. I’ll keep trying. Can you also please repeat it in slow motion if you can so I can see the whole flow of it. It’s just the way I learn. Thanks

Well now it’s in slow motion.

–> http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_itemId=284002

It’s still the same clip. About my hand position: I spin the uni counter clockwise and, as you can see, two-handed. My right hand is on the left-back side and my left hand on the right-front side of the saddle. So my hands are “crossed” to help the uni spin faster. I also prefer taking my hands off the saddle while in the air. As you may have noticed, I don’t hop that high from the pedals, just high enough to get my legs off the way. Once again, I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks. That helps a little bit more. Hopefully it works for me.

i need help with hand positions for 360 unispins too and didn’t fell like making a new thread. does anyone have any videos of some one going clockwise facing the camera because that would help me a whole lot.

since it said you have to edit within 10 minutes and I didn’t i will just post again. I don’t need a video no more i just went ot Jess Riegel’s site and watch “fell in love with a girl” andf at the end it sows his first 360 unispin the way i would do it and he was facing the camera so it helped me out alot

A link would be helpful.

here is the link to the videos: http://www.unicyclejester.com/video.php

hmm that slow motion video helped me with hand position also… thanks!

eero-poika, are both your hands on the same side of the seat?

man thats hard

:slight_smile: as far as I know, no. I tried to make everything as clear as possible in my explanation earlier on this thread.