360 unispins

yea i did the search and everything so plz dont suggest it i just cant find anything of use

so uh i was looking at like peroettes our something… and spins i just want to no how to do something like where im rideing i stop do a bunnyhop and in midair i to a 360 degree rotation…
( i can already do a 180)

so help is always apreciated :sunglasses:

Thats not a unispin. A unispin is where you jump off the uni and spin it under you.

ooooooooooooo well then i need help with a spin

You mean like a hoptwist or an actual spin? I am confused because you mentioned pirouettes and “bunnyhop”. If you are doing a spin then the wheel doesn’t come off the ground you just go in really tight circles, pirouettes are spinning around in one spot without pedalling and hop twists are when you hop and spin in the air…so what are you talking about?


sorryu all of you guys about the title i mean hoptwists…
and the perroetes i just didnt no what they were…

Well when you are learning 360s it helps to pivot 90 degrees right before the hop so your momentum is already leading you in the spin and you only have to spin 270. Later you won’t have to pivot as much or at all. Just thrust with your upper body alot. With 180s you just have to pivot your lower body so they are easyer but with 360s you have to go in the spin with your whole body.
I can do them but not very well so I think thats all the help I can give.

ok thanks that will help me alot!!!:smiley:

start by doing 90 before…once you get that down tweak your body alot in the air and with alot of practice ull get the 360’s down

ok thanks maxi i can already do 180s plus im working on wheel walking… is it better to do it one footed or with two feet

well, seeing how you got your jumping down, just work on getting more height, change your air pressure around so you can compress better for a better hop, then just work on rotating more untill you can do a full 360, and seeing how you know how to do 180s you already know the way to spin, so just work with it and youll get it

2 feet is easier everyone learns it first, then you learn 1 foot wheel walking then gliding.

I disagree, the spin for a 360 is completely different than a 180. You can just twist your legs and do a 180 but a 360 is more of a whole body effort:)

No some people find 1foot easier and learn it first.

lol, well thats what i ment, just didnt word it right lol

yeah, for wheel walking its kinda up to personal prefrence, i cant do it yet but what ing 1 foot is working better =p

DUDE, just use the SEARCH!!!1!11!one

i did it doesnt help me to much i go back and look again…

It probably didn’t help you because you didn’t know what you were talking about. If you did a search for pirouettes or unispins like in your first post then you wouldn’t get anything good.

yeah, what he said