360 unispins is this the right stance?

Hi there i’m finding 360unispins rather tricky and i was wondering weather it mite be because of my stance. I ride with my right foot back and when i spin i spin clockwise with my right foot in front, is this the right stance or would it be beneficial for me to change the way i spin?

to land one its just commitment. I havent land one myself but its the same for any trick.

Personal I’m not going to bother trying to land them as I do more trials then anything and dont need/want to know how to do 3spins

i think its easier if you spin the direction the pedals are pointing like if you spin clockwise to have your right foot forward, which i think is how you said you were doing it

otherwise doing it with left foot forward is called “blind”

I’m left foot fwds and spin clock wise. when I do 180s only trick I really know lol

lol i just commited and got it . i can do them rolling now . easy .

Your stance has nothing to say i hop with right foot in front and spin clockwise as you and i can do 540’s so i dont think it’s any difference, just go for it and you will land it soon :wink:

Haha, I’m not the only one then, I tried to do some 360 unispins but I just can’t land them, so I’m not really trying anymore. I’m a Trials rider. but I do my spins with right foot in front and Anti-clockwise.

I learned 360 unispins, and I have the same stance as you. With unispins your stance doesn’t affect the trick, but when you get into flip tricks such as treyflips, your stance will have an affect on that. (it does for me anyway)

Haha sweet…

rofl jesse .