360 Unispin

I’ll try that tommorow or friuday since I don’t have school. A little bit after i posted the last message thing I got really close to landing a few but the frame would slip or I would just fall off

I still havent done one but I didn’t get REALLY serious about it untill tonight. I practiced for about an hour and got the 360 jump mount consistant and I got really close to landing the unispin.

I discovered a few things that make it a bit easier…

  • using the hand position cody gave in this thread, stick your elbow straight out infront of you and you can spin even faster.

  • I could get closer if I started with the uni on a 45 degree angle

  • I had a problem of the uni going infront of me when I spun it so I tried it with a bit of forward momentum and it helped

I have a good feeling that I will get it tomorow

ERGH… I almost landed one. I got the spin down and all I needed was to get my left foot on the pedal.

I SMASHED my shin on the pedal. It hurts like heck. Ugh… It feels like my leg just cut cut open (I’ve experienced this type of pain before so I know it feels like it). Man, I need shin gaurds… Stupid pain. Now i’ll be limping everywhere for like 2 days…


About Cody’s hand position… I’ve tried spinning with my hands that way but I can’t do it fast (or even stable) enough. What usually happens would be that my uni would spin out of control and I’d risk spraining my wrist.

^ Yeah, exactly. I came here to say that.

I’ve been trying this for 4 days and I have insanely sore wrists and thumbs. It feels like my veins are snapping. I can never stick to the landing. I spin it slow, get both feet on and fall off.


i just learned 180unispins and i am trying 360s. Is it basically the same as 180s but spin faster? r u soppose to land them standing up?

y cause u uni for christ

I’m practicing 360 unispins. I should be able to land one some time soon.

uh yeah. You wouldnt be sitting down… if you mean seat out then the answer is: if thats how you can land them then do it.

you guys go to church?

does it help you with your unicycling much?

Yes it does, because when I go there for youth group or something at night there isn’t many other ppl there so I can ride anywhere I want and jump off the stage or w/e