360 unispin

i just landed my first 360 unispin. it took about 60 tries and a little under an hour. yeah, i know, if you can do it already, this means nothing to you. but it’s sooo cool that i finally landed one. maybe i’ll land 2 tommarrow.

Sick man, you’ll hit more than 2 tomorrow. It gets easier. trust me. Good luck. Time for 5spins for ya. lol.

-Shaun Johanneson

I am so close to mine, i can land one footed. Nice work on the 3-6-0 its a sweet move man. (as shaun said, time for the 540…)


Nice! i can hardly land my 180 unispins, but ill get it soon =p keep up the work, next is 540s, then 720s, 900s!! 1080!!!

nice work on the 360. I just landed a 180 unispin a week ago and i can now do it almost every time. What I want to know is what is the trick to spinning it 360 degrees, catching it, and keeping the pedles horizontal.

I would say to learn it rolling before 540’s. Rolling 360s are cooler than static.
But great job anyway, it took me several months before I even landed one.

Well… you should have both hands on one side if your not already, on the oppisite side that your spining to. And just spin it really hard and throw your feet in.

Anybody have tips for 540’s? :slight_smile:

jump higher, spin faster

my shins and calves are tenderized after 3 hours of riding around this mini trials course i have been building.
360 unispins down drops are a heck of a lot harder than doing them standing still.