360 unispin

ive been having trouble with a 306 unispin i know the hand motion but my hands wont let go how do i break this fear

Just go for it. After your first crash, you’ll find that it really doesn’t hurt that much!:smiley: (if you have leg armour on!:p) Also, remember to jump really high.


You don’t have to jump very high if you spin the uni really fast. I only jump about 3 inches off the pedals, vertically speaking, when I do 360’s.

I’d say the most important thing is slamming your feet back into the wheel, and landing on the cranks while you’re getting used to it.

You might also want to try throwing and then landing with your feet spread on the ground. This helps you get used to throwing from the uni, and catching with your hands.

thanks guys i have been trying last night and i wasnt that good but i really have 180 unispins down and body feels like it just really wants to spin the whole way around!! im going to keep at it til i land it

if you haven’t already you might want out start out with 360 unispin jump mounts. they make throwing the uni and landing a little easier. just be sure that you start the spin at about the same time that you jump into the air and you should be ok.