360 unispin!


I,ve been unicycling for about 2 years.

I get the spin! But i can’t land it!

Any tips?:smiley:

practice alot. I got mine Sunday :smiley:

I found that you have to be able to catch it or else you won’t land very well.

yeah! Finaly i got it ! I practised for about 3-4 hours!

Nice, now you have to try landing another. It took me a while just to get my second.

do you have any tips? im trying to land them too

I spent a few days perfecting the motion of the hands. Then I progressed onto doing the 360 mount to build up some courage. After I could get that consistent, i just went for it.

It helps a lot being able to spin it consistently so you don’t have to focus on that part of the spin.

Here is a vid of a tutorial that really helped me.

it helps to jump high! :slight_smile:

alright thanks soon ill go practice some more, i hope to land them soon

I’m getting quite tired of trying 2 land 3spins. The best i have dun is landed on the crank with my left foot and on the wheel with my right. My problem is i can spin the uni really fast, fast enough, but i am struggling to jump any higher than when i do 1spins. does any one have any techniques in jumping higher.

How do you hold your hands when you spin it?

I hold the seat with both of my thumbs on the right of the seat with my right hand forward, i spin the uni clockwise. I stand with my left foot forward. What shout i try?

Same thing was happening to me when I was learning. Before I landed it I didn’t have very many attempts that were even close. My problem was with commitment though. Sounds like you’re pretty close to landing it. Don’t give up yet.

Practice jumping higher for 180 unispins. It may kind of feel like your pushing the seat down to get yourself higher.