360 unispin/weel spin/glide

Hey I have Been unicycling for quiet a while, im learning gliding right now, I have one footed wheel walking down, but i dont see the concept of how to glide. Then theres unispins, does anyone have any tips on how to do a 360? And wheel spin because when I hit the wheel it like recoils on me. I dont get why i dont have it down by now, Any tips?

I can use big red text too!

Do you mean crankflip when you say “wheelspin”?
Here’s Shauns crankflip tutorial.

OWWWW this hurts my eyes. Why are you doing this to me. But Dude what the hell is a wheel spin?

You guys are getting strict on new comers.

Shaun’s crankflip guide will help you a lot for the flips, which is what I hope you mean by wheel spin.


As for unispins, if you have seen them done, you know the concept of it. Jump, spin uni, land.

Search the forums for the unispin guides, a whole bunch have been recently added by a lot of people.