360 unispin to seat in


I’ve noticed that tomsey tends to do that often, and I’ve seen it from other people, too: Why do some of you guys do the 360 unispin to seat in?

I do get the 180 unispin at a 50% success rate now, and I also get the rolling 180 unispin down in the mean time.

So I wonder what is the best way to proceed to the 360 unispin - should I end up seat in or seat out?

What’s the reason for ending in seat in (except for it looks much cooler)? I guess it’s easier to learn (esp. for my groin) to end up doing seat out, or am I wrong?

Thank you for answers.

i am able to do both. but i am much more fluent at landing seat in as you may be able to tell…

i mainly go to seat in because it is much easier to ride away from something like that. now when doing stairs etc, the rideaway is much smoother than to seat out, and probably looks less trialsy.

i think its about what your comfortable with. i also cannot do 540s easily yet… that might effect that.

oh and if you can get seat in to seat in, its even better.

Thanks, tomsey.
So I guess I will start trying it out - spin - out, until I’m really comfortable, and then switch to out - spin - in.
In - spin - in seems really difficult to me, cause you couldn’t give the uni much spin. But… nothing’s impossible.

And yeah, you’re right in saying that it looks way better doing the unispin to seat in.
Don’t you get your nuts busted very often when you go seat-in and slip off a pedal or mess the unispin?

thanks for your reply;


i snapped my seat in half… its pretty fuct, need a CF one. yeah try what is comfortable…

mostly i land my ass on the front of the seat… which bends it and also bends the seatpost a lot.