360 unispin, seat wrap, 360 unispin

Hey, got 360 unispins down pretty consistently today… So, I made a video :slight_smile:

I made a thread a while back about catching the seat, and all the input helped me out a lot. Thanks!

Also on my myspace page if you care to take a look: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=118038613

cool, I remember when i landed my first 360 unispin…took me forever to get them constantly though, good job.

I learned 360 unispins a few weeks ago but they are not consistant at all.

Congrats on learning them

nice spins and I really like the background music

Hey thanks a lot. They’re not the cleanest spins ever, but they get the job done :wink:

It’s the first part of “Without Me” by Eminem played twice. I think it’s pretty cool.

nice work but i think that was a leg wrap. seatwraps are when they go behinf you, good work man!

Oh, ok. I thought what I did was a single seat wrap with each leg, and when it went behind you, it was just a plain wrap. But thanks for the correction. I guess I can do real seat wraps too, and I might have put one on there… but I only had about 15 minutes of battery life on that camera.

yeah im not really sure what you did is called but a seatwrap is when you go behind.
if you can do what you did without hops, you should be able to seatwrap.

Yeah, I can go behind without hops too. I have a really hard time with it though. I don’t know why, I think I make it harder than it should be. But I’ve done it quite a few times. It’s a cool trick.

sweet you shoulda filmed it too and put it in.

Yeah I guess there’s a lot of stuff I should have filmed… But if I waited to charge the camera, it would have been dark by the time I got back out. I can do some pretty smooth flatland stuff, and I came up with some cool street lines, and I guess I can coast now. Oh well, I really just wanted to get a couple 360’s on film.

ok yeah thats good, im getting better at coasting too. cant land them yet though. i cant wait till you make a big video. seeya

nice…I wish I could just 180 unispin…:o

Unispins aren’t hard at all. Really all it takes is commitment. I’ve seen some of your videos, and I’m sure that if you just set your mind to do one, you could.