360 unispin problem.

I know there have been ALOT!!! of threads about this but i couldn’t find what i was looking for.

When I try a 360 unispin, my feet always land right behind the unicycle. I don’t know why this happens. I have been trying to spin the unicycle under me but its not working. I have practice this alot and have landed once. I can’t see what i did different.

Please help me. Im sorry i created a new thread. Kelly.

Im going to learn 360 unispins evantually.

The reason your feet land behind the unicycle is because your sub-concsious mind is scared. Your scared of it. You have to just go for it.

I cant 360 unispin, but that happens to me when I 180 unispin. Its some kinda mind-over-matter thing that just takes practice.

(sorry I wasnt any real help)

Can you do a 360 unispin jump-mount? I HIGHLY recommend learning this first before a 360 unispin. By doing this, you’ll get the landing down, and the spin.

Start off with both feet on the ground holding the seat in front of you.

Spin the unicycle 360 like you would be doing in the air in a real 360 unispin.

Right when the rev is complete, jump onto the cranks/pedals.

Now repeat, but jump to the cranks/pedals before the rev is complete.

Then, do it again jumping earlier than the last one.

Eventually, you should be jumping the same time you are starting to spin the unicycle.

So now you have the 360 mount. This should solve your problem of landing behind the unicycle!!



Bend over the seat before jumping.

Yeah it sounds like your just scared of commiting to it. Wear leg armour and just go for it, remember you dont have to just land on the pedals, you can land on the whole cranks, so just throw your legs in and try to land on anything you can, if your wearing leg armour you shouldnt really get hurt…

OK i have another question. When landing this should i land seat out or seat in? The one that I landed before i landed it seat out, but that was the only one i landed.

Also, for some reason i keep hitting my ankles somehow. My left ankle is swolen today. Just wondering why. Kelly.

What you think it’s best.

Buy a soft mouse-pad. Cut it in 4 pieces. Round the corners. Put those in your socks.

A mouse pad? hmmmm…guess its worth a shot.

if u have some soccer shin pads lying around, u might be in luck
there are some of them with some padding over the ankle-bone in addition to the protection for your shins

if u go with Jester’s suggestion, u’ll also pick up an extra mount into the bargain

we want to see video when u get it

Don’t send your legs out too far. Sometimes I forget about that. It may make it look cooler with a wide spread but it makes it harder to get them back in. Just hold them out far enough to clear the wheel. Then pull them in as tight as you can, like munimanpete said, don’t worry about pedals at this point. Put your main spinning hand right above the seatpost, it makes it spin truer and faster. Do it seatout at first, it will make for another variable you don’t have to worry about. Just go for it and work at it.

Good Luck,

Darchibald, when you say put you main spinning hand(in my case it is my right hand which spins it clockwise) right above the seatpost, what do you mean? Do you mean on the saddle right above the seat post? Thanks, Kelly.

Yeah, I used to have one on the side of the handle (right) and one on the side of the bumper (left). Mike Clark told me to put my right hand, which was doing most of the spinning above the seatpost (still on the saddle). I did and got it a few tries later. Also try to hold onto it all the way, at least with one hand, in both our cases the right one. You end up twisted and your hand is all weird on the side of the saddle, then grab it again with your left hand. It looks weird but it works and there probably is a better way that you’ll find eventually.


Edit: It doesn’t have to be directly over the seatpost just the closer the better, but you might find right over it awkward. I looks like Dan does it here, the weird holdy ony thing.