360 Unispin Movie by Sondre F. Jensen

Well, Ill start with presenting myself. Im a 13 year old boy from Norway. I live in Kristiansand, which is in the southern part of Norway :smiley:

Ive now made a video with different variations of 360 unispins. When I have learned even more 360 unispins, Ill make a new video. But, well, thats in maybe a few months. I personaly think Ive learned lots of new tricks after I landed my first 360 unispin, which was a few days ago. But now I won`t practise new tricks before I get some KH Percusion Legguards. I hurt my legs way to often now.
I also had a clip where I did a 360 unispin to seatdrop, but it got deleted I think :frowning:

If you got suggestions on other 360 unispin tricks I should learn, or other comments on my video, please feel free to post them.

I think I`ll land 360 unispin to 360 unispin pretty soon ( I just gotta get my KH Percusion legguards).

Most of the footage was filmed outside , under a short uni session today, while it didnt rain (Which wasnt long, It`s rained all day long here :frowning: )
So it was a bit slippery as my cranks and pedals were really wet. So yeah, I had lots of hops, not so much flow, but anyways, Enjoy!


Better quality one, and downloadable

cool, pretty clean. you seem to stall on the rolling ones though :thinking:

Good job, you got them consistant really fast

Well, Not always.


Congrats on landing the 360s! I agree with thejdw about the rolling ones though, they’re a bit sketchy. I made a tutorial about in2in 360s if you wanna check it out?

That was pretty cool. Could have used some different camera angles though.

the “rolling 360’s” were not rolling. you completely stopped before doing them.
for a rolling 3 you should have no time between the stop and the spin

Nice vid!

I agree. They were all static.

The in2in unispins looked pretty hard, So I think I`ll wait a while before I try them.

About the rolling unispins:
Ill do them better in my next unispin video, which I will make when Ive learned some new types of 3-spins. :sunglasses:

But its a good way to learn. NOw he jsut needs to shorten the ammount of time between the standstill and the spin until its on fluid motion with no stops.

Can anyone make a bigspin tutorial? Or does anyone know if there already is one?

And by the way, has anyone here ever tried step-over to 360 unispin? I`m gonna learn it when I get my new legguards :wink:

They’re not that hard. The easiest way to learn them is to do a prejump in your spinning direction. You’re spinning to the left, right? Then start doing a 90 prehop to the left, and then 90 more with the 360 unispin.
When you’re hitting it pretty easily, you can do some smaller prehops, until you manage the 180/360.

it’s not a tutorial but it’s a start.