360 unispin help!

I’ve been trying to get the 360 unispin for weeks now and I can never seem to land my foot on the back pedal (I hop left foot forward), all I do is hurt myslef. Whenever I try and land on the back pedal all I do is bring my knee in, but my foot stays out and completely misses the pedal, I often land my shin on the wheel doing this, or land my ankle on the edge of the pedal.

I sometimes notice that when I try and land the unicycle is on a angle (leaning towards the missing foot), but when I fix this my foot still seems to miss.

Any ideas as to how I can fix this problem??

Spin faster, jump higher, and practice. Chances are that if you’re completing the spin and getting one foot on, you understand the basics of the trick. Now it comes down to perfecting your form, committing, and practicing.

Put pads on whatever parts of you are getting hurt. If you’re getting hurt through pads, then add more pads.

Then go for it without fear.

Jump-higher and spin-faster matters, of course. But I think for most people the main obstacle to landing it is fear. As soon as you believe that you can land it, you will.

I sprained my ankle about 3 times before I first landed 360 unispins.

After I finally got them I immediately had about a 90% consistency rate.
The next day when I was practicing them, I landed two before I sprained my ankle again.

I had to relearn them when I healed.

I really need to get some ankle braces.

Alright, thanks, i’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

Yeah just keepy tryin them. I had many problems like these when learning to 3 spin, you just gotta keep tryin em till you get em. Sometimes it is worth filming a few of your unispins so you can see what you are doing wrong and how you could resolve it.

Good Luck.

Definitely film what you’re doing, compare and contrast against a landed 3 spin.

The crucial parts of the 3 spins, the jump and the spin…OBVIOUSLY!

With the jump:

  1. Jump as high as you can, this gives you as long as possible to spot the landing.
  2. Keep eye contact and lean forwards. Most people end up jumping up and ending up behind the uni, if you aim in front, you’re more likely to jump straight up. Keeping eye contact is the key to most things, your brain receives the info and therefore your legs are more likely to land it.
  3. Try and land seat in. I can land both, but I learnt to land seat out. Only did I get consistant when I learnt seat in. Now I can land 3 spins 10/10. This is related to the jump. If you aim to land seat in, you will end up jumping over the uni and not off it.

The spin:

  1. Use both hands. If you’re spinning right, hold your seat in the middle with your right, stablise with your left by holding the seat at the back.
  2. You should be able to spin the seat with your right and without letting go. This will keep the seat stable, letting go always adds the chance that you will spin the uni off balance.
  3. If you’re landing seat in, catch the handle with your left, you should still hand a hold of the uni with your right. Once caught with the left, you can let go of the right.

There are literally millions of tutorials out there, so just use the search. You’ll find video tutorials, which I always think are more helpful.

Hope this helps,


YES!!! thank you guys so much! I finally landed one just then!:smiley:

Grats now get them consistant. I lost the ability to 540 unispin for 5 months because I did not practice them :frowning:

thanks dude, today i got landed 13 3 spins in half an hour, i got 2 in a row 3 times and i got 3 in a row once. :smiley:


The first time I landed them I did way more than that, and I still lost them.