360 unispin help

I landed a 3 spin 2 days ago, I landed about 4. Since then I’ve practiced for a little over 2 hours and I can’t land one. Sometimes I can hit the pedals but I can never seem to snap in or even get on the cranks. I keep practicing but I never seem to come any closer. Any idea why this is happening?

I believe your signature answers your question.:wink:

Yeah, it probably is, but I have been practicing and getting no closer at all. It seems like since I’ve landed it before I should be more comfortable with snapping in but I’m not…

After I landed my first 540 unispin, I did not do another one for almost a week. Sometimes practicing 2 hours strait will get you no where, have a break, practice something else, and come back to it tomorrow. Think about what you did last time, commit, and just keep practicing. Good luck. :wink: