360 unispin help

Well, with all of my effort I can’t seem to do them, even though I can easily do 180 unispins. I don’t see how people say once you get 180 unispins down 360 unispins shouldn’t take long to learn. I’m not sure what it is, it seems I can spin the unicycle 360° but I just can’t land them.

im having the same problem i think, i havnt been practicing since i just got back from a snowboarding trip last night and am still very sore :frowning: but ill be practicing tomorrow when i can… right now my problem is not moving my legs up enough but too much out so i cant snap them back in fast enough… i can do a 360 jump mount but it only helped me get the spin right

Do you practice both 1 spins? Meaning both with the seat forward to seat out, and also seat backwards to seat in. Learning 1 spins to seat in is a pretty useful and important step to learning 3 spins.

Also, are you practicing 3spin jump mounts. Do these and keep doing them faster and faster and faster until you are jumping before you start the spin.

When it comes time to the actual 3 spin, just think: Jump higher, spin faster.

*3spins to seat in are much easier to land then 3spins to seat out… it just takes a bit of mental commitment.

Just wondering this…why is it easier to land them seat in? I’ve tried 3spins both seat in and out and they’re both equally difficult for me.

if you can get the spin but just cant land it basically all you gotta do is jump higher (higher off the uni that is) and commit to it. I think commiting to it is the hardest part for the first time with any trick, as you probably already know. I’ll let you in on a little secret… just put your feet back on the pedals. good luck!

oh yeah if your using two hands and you back hand is getting in the way when you are trying to land. try letting go with it and landing seat in with one hand might be hard at first but once you do that youll land more often and itll look better (in my opinion) depending on how you pull it off.

by the way for rolling 180 unispins how long did it take you to learn? becuase i do it 1 handed and seat in because it feels way to awkward riding seat out with one hand on the side of the saddle for me

does anybody else do static 360s and 540s one direction and rolling 360s blind. thats the only way i land them most of the time. im probably just weird though haha.

This is a VERY good tutorial :roll_eyes:


Well, I’ve been practicing 360 unispins, and I noticed something. Should I try doing a hop and spin, or jump off the cranks and spin the unicycle without spinning it in the air?

Hop and Spin is the standard of performing unispins.
I can 360 unispin so far but not yet onto the 540.

My Tips are if your spinning it 360 and not landing, you must snap your feet in rite onto the cranks, always remember to bring legs in to land.



I’m having a bit of an issue with these. When I go to do a 3 spin I get the jump and the spin okay but when I land only my left foot lands on the pedal. The right one always misses and I can’t seem keep track of it. Any tips, I’m really close.:o

That’s how it was for me when I first started learning 180 unispins, I always landed my right foot on the pedal (and sending the left pedal into my shin). Maybe practicing landing on the cranks more might be helpful, or focus on landing you right foot on the crank/pedal.

Damn, that is exactly what is happening to me, left foot lands and right foot loses track. Which direction are you spinning it? I’m left foot forward and spin it clockwise. Don’t know if that makes any difference :thinking:
Oh I’m so so close it is annoying

Keep trying it once you get it will become easy, I used to have the same problema with the right foot. My stance is the same as yours. :smiley:

I can almost land 360 unispins now. The problem I have is getting both feet on the cranks. The closest one I made was I got both feet on but slipped off immediately. But other than that I have the jump and spin down.

just jump high and keep the unicycle under yourself.

commit to them and practice and they will come

I finally landed a 360 unispin :D. Took about 2 hours of practicing to land one. And I managed to land another one. So it’s time to add this to the tricks I can do book :).